Samuel Wiener who blamed for harrassing sexually, released apology video

Currently, name Samuel Wiener is trending on TikTok. And, the reason is his behaviour with other users and minors. Samuel Wiener blamed by TikTok users for flirting with minors, sexual assault and harassment by others users.

Some girls came on TikTok and made videos regarding this issue. They made videos claiming assault and sexual harassment on her by Samuel Wiener. But, these all claims are not proved in court of law yet.

Samuel also posted TikTok video to explain his side of the story. Read every detail to get every insight of this controversy.

Who is Samuel Wiener ?

Samuel Wiener is a TikToker with 108.5k followers on TikTok. He creates most of duet TikTok videos with other one with some random selected content.

By looking at his videos, he looks mostly in his early 20’s. Still, there is no confirmation from his side yet.

Allegations that made on him

Samuel Wiener sexual harassment apology video tiktok

People started claiming on TikTok that they really got weird vibes with him when during social media Interaction. These all allegations are based on his behaviour with all of them.

From 21st Feb to 22nd Feb, many minor girls came out with a video. All had the alleged stories about how they got advice from Samuel about sex and sexual matters when they were underage.

Other claims are made on his posted videos where he duetting with girls features him. He staring at their chest area, he commented “my dm’s are open” to them.

More sexual harassment incidents brought up by a girl. The girl said that she used to work with Samuel and he used to become very touchy with her. He used to hold her hips and move around her even after asking him to stop.

Samuel Wiener apology video on TikTok

Samuel Wiener came out with apology video on TikTok. But, the video taken down an hour later for unknown reason.

In the video, the TikTok Star explained, how he realized how serious the situation is, he stated

“This situation is a lot more series than I thought it was. I have been told by a close friend that I have sexually harassed numerous people. I would never deliberately do something to make someone feel uncomfortable, especially in a sexual context.”

Samuel likely deleted the apology video from his account and made it private. He is blocking all the accounts that are creating allegations against him.