Did New York Times Joseph Hopp ‘s write article on Narendra Modi ?

An article circulating on social media which claims that editor Mr. Joseph Hopp from New York Times news publication writes about PM Modi. This article first shared by Twitter user Anshuman Bose and then it went viral. The article explains how Narendra Modi is developing India and competing with World’s largest nation. But, is there really any Joseph Hopp from New York Times who wrote about Narendra Modi.

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What the article says about Narendra Modi ?

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The article starts with a question ‘ Who is Narendra Modi ‘ and then continues with a detailed answer. In this answer, it explains ‘ how PM Modi is trying to divide every country and using them to work in favour of India. His only dream is to make stand India with United States and make negative image of country like Pakistan and China. If the man Modi is not stopped yet then he will make India as a filling country of this world. This man is a threat as his only dream is to make India a greater nation’ .And, then article continues with the achievements of Narendra Modi. At the end of this article, Joseph Hopp ‘s name is given.

Did Joseph Hopp from New York Times write on Narendra Modi ?

The answer is NO. On New York Times ‘s website, there is not any article on Narendra Modi regarding this topic. Also, the viral post claims that the article written by Chief Editor of New York Times whose name is Joseph Hopp. But, the current Chief Editor of New York Times is Dean Baquet.

The verified account of New York Times Communication also claimed this news as a fake on their account. In the tweet, they explain that there is no person with name ‘ Joseph Hopp ‘ working in their company. Also they talked that they came to know about this post via Indian News Publication ‘ Logical Indian ‘. The post claimed as a false by spokeperson of New York Times.