Gangster Amartya Rao – Amar Naik real life photos and biography

Recently the movie trailer of Mumbai Saga released. The movie is based on true events of Mumbai ‘s gangster world. In the movie, John Abraham is performing the character of name Amartya Rao whose life story is inspired with real life gangster Amar Naik. Many of people are confused that the movie is based on D K Rao but it is not true. Because, lot of people sharing D K Rao ‘s photo as Amartya Rao ‘s real life photos.

Why Amartya Rao isn’t inspired from gangster D K Rao ?

There are many people on Internet claiming that the Amartya Rao real life character is D K Rao. But, it is not true. Because, D K Rao wanted to rule Mumbai but he has different life story. D K Rao was a Bank Robber who became Gangster. He worked for Chota Rajan and was saved from multiple encounter. But, character Amartya Rao has different story. It matches with some other Gangster.

Real Life Photos and Story of Mumbai Saga ‘s Amartya Rao ( Amar Naik )

Amartya Rao ‘s character is 100% inspired from Amar Naik. Amar Naik was a gangster who ruled Mumbai during end of 90’s. He killed an industrialist who wanted to sell his mill for around 500 crores for project.

Khaitan Mills, Amar Naik and Mumbai Saga real story

Khataus were one of the oldest mill owning family in Mumbai. Chairman Sunit Khatau wanted to sell his 125 years of Byculla land and moved the mill to 40 acre plot. But, Rashtriya Majdur Mill Sanghatan president Haribhau Naik opposed the sale. Because, it could lead lot of unemployment of mill workers and illegal land grabbing. The industrialist and mill owner Sunit Khatus took help of gangster Arun Gawli to sale his land. Gawli was promised 5% to 10% of the land sale from Sunit.

Some politics and old clashes between Gawli and Amar Naik resulted in murder of Sunit Khatau. Amar Naik and his gang allegedly murdered Sunit Khatau when his car stopped near Mahalakshmi race course traffic lights. As an anger of getting land deal out of hand, Arun Gawli attacked Amar’s brother Ashwin Naik during court session. But, luckily he was saved from the attack. But, the attack resulted him into partial paralysis. After couple of years, Amar Naik killed in police encounter.

Mumbai Saga movie cast Real V/S Reel

Amartya rao real life photos story amar naik
Amartya Rao as Real Life Gangster Amar Naik
Arjun rao real life photos Ashwin Naik Amartya rao brother
Amartya’s brother Arjun Rao as Real Life gangster Ashwin Naik
Sunil Khaitan real life photos sutin khaitau
Industrialist Sunil Khaitan as Real Life Mill Owner Sutin Khaitanu
Gaitonde mumbai saga real life photos arun gawli
Gaitonde as Real Life Gangster Arun Gawli
Bhau mumbai saga real life photos balasaheb thackrey
Bhau as a Real Life Late Politician Balasaheb Thackrey

There are many other character in movie Mumbai Saga. Most of them are fictional and created for story purpose. The movie Mumbai Saga is inspired by the real life event that happened at the end of 90’s. But, it is not the exact story of that event.

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