Sunday, June 26, 2022

TMC workers beat up BJP workers ‘s 85-year-old Mother in Bengal, party denies charges

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Just a month before West Bengal Assembly Election, a video of an 85-year-old lady came out from West Bengal. 85-year-old lady Shoba Mazumdar, the mother of Gopal Mazumdar a BJP worker, says that she and her son beaten by Trinamool Congress (TMC) Workers.

The incident left old lady Shoba Mazumdar ‘s face terribly swollen and discoloured. She says that they were pushed around and beaten, also warned to not talk about this incident.

What BJP worker Gopal Mazumdar has to say about the attack on his mother ?

“They hurled the choicest abuse at us and began to assault us,” Gopal claimed.

“They pushed my mother and she got badly injured. After attacking us, they left the house. I am a member of the local BJP mandal (BJP committee). They first assaulted us with bare hands and then hit on my head with the hood of a revolver. After that, I fell down on the ground. They kicked and assaulted me further,” Gopal added.

FIR registred in West Bnegal over the incident.

What Trinamool Congress (TMC) has to say about the incident ?

The TMC clearly denied charges on them. Nirmal Ghosh, Bengal TMC MLA from Panihati Assembly Constituency said that the incident is the internal matter between family members and has nothing to do with our party.

“We have found that the incident in North Dum Dum’s Nimta area is a family matter and the fighting happened among family members. It is their internal matter. TMC has nothing to do with this incident. It does not suit the BJP to make such false allegations on TMC,” said Ghosh.

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