How to get free Nectar Juicy boost points worth €10 ? Offer valid date.

Martin recently revealed that how you could get Juicy Boost Points worth of €10 on Nectar. The process is easy and you can also boost Nector ‘s Juicy points.

How many Juicy Nector Points could you boost ?

If you follow all of the given instructions of this article, you could claim around 2000 boost points of Nectar for free. These points are obviously promotional one from Nectar. Still, 2000 points for free offer is available for  people who use the official Nectar app.

How to download Nectar App ?

Nectar juicy boost points how claim reveal valid offer

It is way simple to download the Nectar App to claim your Juicy Boost Points. You have to go here and select Android Play Store download or Apple App Store download. You will redirected to the download page. Download the app and install it on your device. After installing, feel login details by signing up your account.

What is Nectar App and who owns it ?

Nectar is simply the app that suggest consumer exciting offers and also offers cashback on purchases in form of Nectar Points. As of Feb 2018, owned by J Sainsbury PLC, the second largest supermarket chain in the UK. But, Sainsbury’s paid £60million to acquire the reward scheme from Canadian firm Aimia. So, all the reward scheme is owned by Sainsbury

Following are some of app’s features.

  • Weekly Offers.
  • Suggests the best Promotion for your future purchases.
  • Supports upto 400 brands. (like Argos, Esso and eBay)
  • Realtime point updates and redeem.
  • Ability to get the Nectar Card.
  • How to get free Nector app ‘s Juicy boost points worth €10 ?

According to Martin Lewis, you just have to download the app. After downloading, create your account and login to the app. You will get button ‘Juicy’,click on that Juicy points boost promo button. You will get any random allocations of free Nectar Points.

Some customers got 1000 points, some of could get 400 points. Some got 200 points too. It all works as a lucky draw.

Valid date to claim Juicy boost points ?

If you are unable to see the offer on the app, you may need to update your app.

The offer is available from 17th Feb 2021 – 9th March 2021 only.