TikTok Lock It song lyrics and trend explained

A new trend is taking over the TikTok. The trend follows users lip synching and dancing in Charlie XCX’s 2017 song, unlock it.

Let’s explore what’s actual in the trend.

What is ‘Lock It’ trend on TikTok ?

Charlie XCX’s hit song ‘Unlock it’ from 2017 is getting viral on TikTok. TikTokers have made new trend with this song and now making views and likes on the video.

Well Known TikTok users such as @Devenityy and @amandadiaz have taken part in this trend, collecting around 100k views each of them.

TikTokers are lip synching the lyrics to the chorus that repeats the words ‘lock it’ several times. Many of them are also incorporating hand-motions or finger-gun motions into the dance.

When did ‘Lock It’ trend started ?

The song is 4 years old as it released in 2017. But, trend started since last week on TikTok. Many of the TikTok users loved the song and expressed disappointment as they were not aware about this gem song.

In TikTok, trend comes and go. So, the trend could also go away soon. If you are looking to be a part of the Lock It challenge trend, you should do it quickly.

Lyrics of Charlie XCX ‘Unlock it, lock it’ viral TikTok song

Tiktok lock it Unlock it charlie xcs song lyrics trend

Here the complete lyrics of unlock it (lock it) song viral on TikTok. It will surely help you to make your video.

Lock it, lock it, lock-lock it
Lock it, lock it, unlock it
Lock it, lock it, lock-lock it

You’re on my mind
I’m feelin’ kinda nervous but I like it
Take my T-shirt off and do it right
You’re on my mind
The feelin’, like an astronaut
Watchin’ the world all alone, just you and I (you and I)

Rollercoaster ride in the fast lane
Got the roof down, kiss me hard in the pourin’ rain
Yeah, I can see it in your eyes, know you feel the same
Million-dollar babe, trippin’ on it like propane,


Caught in a lip lock, when we pit stop
Cosmic kiss, tastes like cherry maraschino
Ride, passenger seat, tropical heat
Eyes so red, you could be my Valentino, yeah (Woo-ah!)
If you want my heart, then don’t you drop it
(Want my heart, then don’t you drop it)
I’m right here, right in your pocket
(I’m right here, right in your pocket)
Pull it, cock it, never stop it
(Never stop it)
If you want my love (my love!), try to unlock it

Unlock the swag, Rae Sremmurd, Make you hit them high notes, like you a tenor, Tell the big appetite, girl, you my dinner
I know they could do you, but I could do it better
Bring me out to London, yeah (U.K.)
I can show you somethin’, yeah (somethin’)
Unlock your clothes off your body
Give you lovin’, yeah (let’s get it)
‘Cause that’s how we do (that’s how we do)
You wantin’ me too (wantin’ me too)
Your top be see-through, ooh (top be see-through)
I like the preview (like the preview)
We not there yet, girl, but we on the way (way, way)
We on the surfboard, yeah, we ridin’ waves (waves, waves)
Let’s get it going, girl, let’s ándale (ándale)
Let’s ándale (ándale), sip this champagne (ah)


—–End of Charlie XCX Lock it, Unlock it song——–