How much Zomato delivery boy earn per month, salary?

Zomato the food delivery app is gaining popularity and delivery boys are also making well money from the startup. There are so many factors on which Zomato delivery boy ‘s salary depend and they earn. Read the article to understand the factors on which the salary depends.

How to join Job as a Zomato Delivery Boy?

If your city has Zomato services available, try to find the office of Zomato in your city. You have to go to office to join Job as a Zomato Delivery boy.

Documents you need to carry at Zomato office

Manager will ask some documents if you are intrested to work as a delivery boy. Documents that needed are –

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. Bank Passbook
  4. Driving Licence
  5. Bike’s RC ( Registration documents of Vehicle)
  6. Residential Light Bill ( optional )
  7. 1500 rupees as an Insurance Fee (500 mandatory while joining)

These are the documents that needed. Still, you should verify it at the local Zomato office.

What will you get after joining ?

After submitting proper documents, it just takes around 3 – 5 hours to verify and offer you job as a delivery guy . After joining, you get two Zomato red T – Shirts and one red colour Zomato Delivery Bag. You will be allocated with one of the area of your city. You have to complete your orders from that area only.

How will you get paid as a Zomato Delivery Boy ?

Zomato delivery boy salary income pay earn

For every order your deliver, you will get minimum of 20 rupees. And 5 rupees extra, if your customer gives you 5 star. But, this is not the only income. There are other factors too. The three main factors of Zomato Delivery Boy ‘s income are 1. Order Pay, 2. Target Pay 3.Surge Pay

What is Order Pay ?

Order pay is basically the income that you get paid for delivering every single order. 10 rupees from pick up centre and 10 rupees for delivering order. So, minimum 20 rupees and 5 rupees extra for 5 star review.

What is Target Pay ?

Target Pay is basically the targets given by Zomato for every 10, 13, 17 so on orders. Suppose you complete 10 orders in a single day, you get 20 touchpoints and extra income of rupees 110. For 13 orders, you get 180 rupees extra. For 17 orders, you get 275 rupees extra. You can touch maximum of 25 orders to get the highest Target Pay of rupees 410 rupees. But, you get pay for only one of the Target Points. These are the extra income that adds with Order Pay.

What is Surge Pay ?

Surge Pay is the money that you earn for working on holidays like Saturday and Sunday. If you are working on Saturday and Sunday, for every order you get extra 5 rupees payment. In such a way, working on holidays also add extra income into your pocket.

Penalty for not following guidelines

If Zomato Delievery Boy delivers food without Zomato’s dress code and their bag, they have to pay 200 rupees as a penalty. Also, breaking some other guidelines could also charge them money.

How much Zomato Delivery Boy earn per month and their salary ?

Depending only on Order Pay can make around 15000 rupees for Zomato delivery boy. But, if we added extra income like Target Pay and Surge Pay, then delivery boy could earn around 20,000 rupees for month too. Still, getting maximum orders could help to earn more that 25000 rupees too. These are the incomes which have not covered cost of petrol needed for bikes. On average, 5000 rupees of petrol needed to earn around 2000 rupees from delievery.

In short, the average income or salary of Zomato delivery boy is around 15000 – 20000 rupees which they earn through normal orders.

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