Hitesha Chandranee ‘s ex Roommate exposed her strategy of stealing Pizza.

Zomato controversy famed Hitesha Chandranee has became one of the most controversial influencers. She accused Zomato delivery boy Kamraj for hitting on her nose and ran away without delivering pizza. But, Hitesha ‘s ex roommate exposed her by giving statement against her.

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What is Hitesha ‘s roommate statement ?

Hitesha ‘s roommate Jasmine Nehra said that “Hitesha was my roommate for almost 3 years in Bangalore. She used to take free Pizza from Dominos and Pizza hut in the past as well. I have picture with her and I star that it’s her behaviour to take free food and abuse”.

Hitesha chandranee ex roommate statement zomato Delivery Boy free pizza

Something similar happened in Kamaj ‘s Zomato Delivery case too. According to Kamraj, Hitesha wanted Pizza for free Because he was late. He opposed and said sorry for giving it for free. But, Hitesha tried to grab pizza from his hand. In this scenario, her finger with a ring hitted her own nose and started bleeding. Kamraj said that he hasn’t hitted her.

How Jasmine Nehra exposed Hitesha ?

In Youtube video of Peepoye, Jasmine commented her statement about Hitesha. The screenshot of that comment is viral on social media. But, after getting lot of message from Youtube users to Jasmine, she deleted her comment. Users started asking more about her and asked to get in public domain to expose Hitesha. But, she deleted as she didn’t want to be part of the controversy. But, her comment is viral on social media as many users took screenshot of the comment.

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