Viral TikTok Chika Dance ‘s Original Song lyrics meaning in English

The Chika Song is getting so popular on TikTok. Lot of TikTokers are trying their moves on this song. But, not everyone aware about the original actual Chika Song which is viral in TikTok. The song actually comes from an anime show. Let us explore about the Chika song origin, singer and anime show. Also, the English meaning of the Lyrics of the Chika dance song is quite funny too.

All about original Chika Dance Song

‘Chikatto Chika Chika  (チカっとチカ千花っ♡)’ is the actual name of Chika Dance. The dance on the song is performed by Chika Fujiwara which is a character from the anime series named ‘Kagayu – Sama : Love Is A War’. The song revolves around Chika Fujiwara that’s why one can heard Chika voice repeatedly in song.

The dance and song from the anime first posted on TikTok by EmyireMir on 4th June, 2020. After that, the song has around 300k videos on TikTok. Also, for hashtag #chikadance, there are 300 million views.

Original TikTok chuka dance song lyrics meaning english

Most of the TikTokers are making videos on Chika Dance and song. The Chika Song is pukar because of the catchy tune and cute voice especially when they say ‘Chika’.

Who did sing Chika Dance song ?

Japanese Actress and Voiceover artist Konami Kohara sang this song. She lives in Japan. Born on 28th June 1992, she is 28 years old.

About the anime from which Chika Dance Song is taken

Kaguya – sama : Love Is War is the anime from which the song belongs. The anime has 8.4 ratings on IMDB. First season aired from 12th January to 30th March 2019 with 12 episodes. The Chika dance comes in 2nd season which was aired from 12th April to 27th June 2020. It is in 3rd Episode of Season 2.

In 2020, the series got lot of attention just because of the Chika dance viral videos. The song was nominee for Best Ending Sequence of Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

Chika Dance Song lyrics meaning in English

School bell Intensifies

Ready? READY!


Shuchien School

Everyone in Shuchien knows

Everyone loves the student council!

Pook Pook Pook Pook Pook Pook POOK! School President and Kaguya

Ishigami and Secretary, CHIKA!!

Don’t you think we are the perfect members?

Secretary Chika, Secretary Chika, RAA!!

We are living in this disordered world Everyone hides what they really think

But love detective Chika is on the case Chika, RAA!!

I’ll solve any problems I have an IQ of 3, but you can leave it to me

Scribble, Wiggle, Secretary, Secretary! Secretary solving secrets! (BOOM!)

Wink! In a blink you’ll graduate, so do something now! (POOF!)

Flutter, Mutter, Willy-Nilly, I’ll tell you your LOVE FORTUNE!!!

Anyone, Anytime can fall in love and be a Heroine

Be like Chika, shine like a superstar!

Yo! owo

Shimmer, Flash! Sparkle, Shine! Superstar Chika!

Hmmm… owo

Because the song got to this part

I guess I’ll have to skip some parts

I want this to be a famous song that is passed down to my personality

With a speech at the end (this is so sad ;-;)

Sighing noises*

I can’t think of anything (ಥ_ಥ) AHH (nani!?)

I just came up with something good (YAY) Round 2 is about to begin



Lets start YO!!

I love you

I love you

Ramen switch is now ON!!

Eating/Slurping noises*

Shoyu tonkotsu

Thin and firm (Chika sure is a Ramen connoisseur)


This is… …

Haa Finished

Hello the way of the sword

I will always keep it in my heart (Shhhh)

If you have any troubles…

I’ll solve it What are you going to dooo?

Scribble, Wiggle, Secretary, Secretary! Secretary solving secrets! (BOOM!)

The Foot-

NO I can’t say


Flutter, Mutter, Willy-Nilly, BOGUS

when will you-

Who will love the hero?

As long as Chika lives


Shimmer, Flash! Sparkle, Shine! Superstar Chika!

Scribble, Wiggle, Secretary Flutter, mutter, willy-nilly Scribble, Wiggle, Secretary, Flutter, mutter, willy-nilly

Go back to the forest

Finally, it’s over

now I can finally rest

Don’t forget to sub to this guy

And me (channel name Kex)