The 2700 year old Lord Adinath Jain Temple in Zharkhand where Lord Mahavir did Chaturmas soon to be tourist place

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The 2700 year old Lord Adinath Jain Temple located in Devaltand village of Kharsanwa Saraikela district could be one of the biggest visiting place for Jainism. The idol of Lord Adinath also known as Rishab Dev who is the founder of Jainism is located in temple since 2700 years. Tirthankar Bhagwan Mahavir once performed his chaturmas (4 months stay) in this village too.

MP Sanjay Seth demanded for betterment of this Jain Temple.

Sanjay Seth jain temple 2700 year old Adinath

MP Sanjay Seth demanded to make this village a better place as it could be one of attraction point for Jainism in state Zharkhand. Lot of Jains are not aware of the Adinath Temple of Devaltand and the one who are aware can’t visit it easily. Because ,the road connectivity is very poor. Aapart from that, it’s hard for visitors to stay at that place. Sanjay Seth thinks that making this place better will add some extra revenue for state tourist and also will develop the local businesses due to frequent coming devotees. This place could be great TitrthKshetra for Jain in future.

About the 2700 year old Adinath Jain Temple

The temple is located in tribal area of Zharkhand state. So, the temple is managed and worshipped by the local tribal people of Devaltand village. The people living in this village are called as a ‘Sarak’. They were earlier Jains and now look after this temple. Devaltand means the place of Dev. One can visit this village and get the traces of Jain temples. Also, Bhagwan Mahavir the 24th Tirthankar of Jains performed Chaturmas in this village. So, it could be the one of precious TitrthKshetra for Jains.

Aacharya Gyansagar Ji Maharaj who is Jain Monk tried to aware the local people about the importance of the temple. Some other monks are also spreading awareness among people about the temple.

Most of the part of the temple renovated as per mordern construction. But, idol and some of the inner architect of the temple is still 2700 years old. Soon, this place could renovate and become Jain TitrthKshetra if government approves MP Sanjay Seth’s appeal.

Pictures of the Temple

The 2700 year old Lord Aadinath Temple in Zharkhand where Lord Mahavir did Chaturmas soon to be tourist place
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The 2700 year old Lord Aadinath Temple in Zharkhand where Lord Mahavir did Chaturmas soon to be tourist place Devaltand
Image source:
Image Source:
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Devaltand jain temple
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Aadinath Jain temple 2700 years ago
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