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Raj Shamani is a growing Instagram Influencer along with being entrepreneur, business founder, business consultant, social media marketing advisor, personal brand building advisor and many more. Many¬† people want to know about Raj Shamani ‘s net worth, age, company name, products which he sells and all. Here the complete biography and wiki of Raj Shamani.

Early Life and Background of Raj Shamani Family

Raj’s grandfather, father and uncle along with their family came to Indore in 1980’s. The only source of income of family were from selling coconut on streets. Raj’s father used to sell coconut on streets and his uncle and grandfather started working in soap factory. Later, Raj’s father also joined their soap Industry and started selling that soap in markets.

Raj Shamani family father
Raj shamani with his father

After a while, Shamani family decided to make soap by themselves in their home. They made contacts and used to buy raw material and make soaps at home. In 1990, Raj’s father launched dishwasher brand ‘Jadugar’ and their family became financially stable.

The Business started growing and they bought thier own home in 2003. But, during 2008’s recession their business affected very badly. In 2013, Raj’s father had diabetic attack and business was not doing good too. So, Raj had a responsibility of the whole family.

Biography of Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani net worth age girlfriend company name products biography wiki

Raj Shamani was 16 years old in 2013. At that time, Raj Shamani decided to get some different business approach in same soap Industry. He borrowed rupees 10,000 from his dad to buy raw materials for making soaps. He used to watch Youtube videos of making soaps at home and maintaining pH balance. In such way, he made his own soaps at home. Also, he saw that demand of liquid based soaps like dishwasher, handwash were increasing rapidly. So, he decide to make liquid based soaps.

Brands like Vim and Pril were already a big brands in Indore for liquid soaps. But, the price of Vim and Pril was 110 Rupees for 500ml. Raj made his own liquid soap and decide to sell it in market for 45 Rupees for 500ml. He approached local grocery stores and asked them to keep the product in their store. He used to earn 12-13 % profit margin on the liquid soap.

To scale the Business on big level, Raj approached multi level marketing (Network Marketing) idea. He gathered data of housewives and ladies who wanted financial freedom. He approached them and asked them to promote his product and on every sale they would get 25%. Raj’s business strated scaling successfully. Within a year, his business became profitable. Local newspaper also published article about him.

Now in 2021, he sells his own product mostly related with kitchen care and laundary detergents. Apart from that he has more other investments in stocks, gold ,real estate and many other.

Raj says that he was not good studies and was not good in public speaking too. So, business is the only option for him to earn some money for family’s survival.

Raj Shamani Products ,Net Worth and Company Name

Raj Shamani started his own soap product and named it as Jadugar. In 2015, Raj merged his business with his father’s chemical trading business. The company name of Raj Shamani and family is ‘ Shamani Industries’ which made 200 crores of net worth in FY 2020. The net worth of Raj Shamani at the current age is US$10 Million which becomes 73 crores in Indian rupees. His networth is growing rapidly.

List of products

Detergent Powder.
1 Kg Guarantee Wala Detergent Powder. Stroke Detergent Powder.
Hungama Detergent Powder.
Monal Detergent Powder.
Jadugar Dish Wash Gel.
Jadugar Dish Wash Gel.
1000 Ml Jadugar Dish Wash Gel.
Insurance Disinfectant Surface Cleaner.

and many more products related with Kitchen care and detergents. One can see their product services at their business website shamani.in .

Raj Shamani Age, Girlfriend and City

Currently in 2021, Raj is of 24 years and has no girlfriend. His most of the focus is to build his own brand and build himslef as a brand too. He motivated lot of people through Instagram went on Ted X Talks and inspired lot other people. He currently lives in Indore, Madhyapradesh.

Achievements of Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani net worth age girlfriend company name products biography wiki

-In 2015, Raj invited for youth representative programme at the United Nations.
-In 2016, Raj started giving public talk globally.
-At the age of 23, he became first Youngest Indian to speak at United Nations Assembly in Vienna.
-He gave 3 TED X Talks till the date.
-200+ speeches in 26+ countries about wealth and communications
-Keynote Speaker
-Businesss Content Creator
-851K followers on Instagram (Till March 2021)
-Founder of Jadugar Household Supplies

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