Why my Wazir X Total Portfolio Value – Balance is less than actual one ?

Wazir X is India’s largest Crypto Trading App. Most of the users are encountered with the problem of having less Portfolio Value ( the Balance) than actual one in Wazir X. There are some reasons why it’s happening.

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What is Total Portfolio Value in Wazir X ?

Total Portfolio Value is basically the total value of all the cryptocurrencies that you have bought. It is the present value of your holdings. It changes whenever value of cryptocurrencies changes. If your crypto value is going down, the total portfolio value will also go down and viceversa. You should calculate the amount of holdings which you have and their present value. Add all the values and you will get your Total Portfolio Value.

Why Wazir X showing less Total Portfolio Value ?

Wazir x less Portfolio value Total balance
  1. Check your Internet Connection

In most of the cases, Wazir X shows less Portfolio Value or might 0 balance, as it is unable to load your actual holding because of poor internet connection. Many people try to use Wazir X with used data pack. So, trying to operate the app when your data is not running with good speed, results app to not load all information.

Total Portfolio Value changes every time when value of your bought crypto changes. So, to show you the actual portfolio value, it needs stable good internet connection.

  1. When server get crashed

It rarely happens when the Wazir X ‘s server gets down. Whenever it happens, you are not able to see actual value of all cryptos. Your Portfolio Value might be shown as zero. One has to wait untill the app gets back on track. But, it is likely not to happen.

Even after everything is right and you see less number of portfolio value, you must calculate present value of your holdings. You can also connect with the support team of Wazir X.