How do Musician Anand Sharma and Rashmika Mandanna know each other ?

Many fans of Rashmika Mandanna wonder about who is Anand Sharma and how does Rashmika Mandanna know him and follows him on Instagram ?

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Who is Musician Anand Sharma ?

Anand Sharma from Jalandar, Punjab is not only singer but also musician, music producer, mixing engineer. Anand debuted with a song ‘Lonely’ in 2014. His debut acting cum singing career started with song ‘Zindagi’ in 2015. He worked with renowned music labels like Speed Records, T – Series Music and Seventh Chord Music. Anand is a Punjabi singer but he also worked for Hindi and some regional language songs. He got his break from T – Series Punjab Music with song Pyar Ik Naal by Jogi. His other songs like Koi Vi Nahi, Sohnea by Preeti also gathered log of appreciation.

Many Bollywood celebrities who came across his songs appreciated his work.

How Rashmika Mandanna and Anand Sharma are friends ?

Anand Sharma rashmika mandanna

Rashmika did many movies in Telgu industry. In one of Rashmika’s movie, Anand Sharma worked as a musician to give music to movie songs. He was in crew of musicians and met Rashmika Mandanna on set. He showed his work and Rashmika appreciated his work and albums. Since then, both knows each other as they are a part of film industries.

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