Did Grays World really kill woman to charge his phone ? His all other controversial claims

Many people who are regular with TikTok content could have came across with a video where a guy name ‘Grays World’ claiming that he did kill a woman just to charge his phone. Let us discuss the fact being his claim.

Who is Grays World ?

Grays World also known as Grays Fagan is very popular TikToker with 2.1 million followers. He is famous because of his funny and comical videos with his family and now became the social media star in a mean time.

On Instagram, he has only 9K followers as he is not as active on Instagram as on TikTok. He has only 35 posts till the date (12 April 2021).

Gray was born in Louisiana on 5th May 1997. So, currently he is 23 years old. His source of income is not only TikTok. He also make money with cameo.com. People ask him to do anything by offering some money.

Did Grays world kill woman to charge phone ? All controversial statements claimed by him

Grays world kill woman to charge phone tiktok

Gray make most of his video controversial by claiming unexpected things. His followers get shock every another day due to his claims. He recently made a video of allegedly slapping his grandma just because she was not wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day.

In another video, he said incident about calling his ex-bosd to rehire him. Grays Worlds claims that he pulled out a plug behind hospital bed which was connected to a patient’s treatment. He pulled out and started charging his phone but it resulted in a death of woman.

There is no evidence about his claim. Most likely it could just a prank statement made by him to get more likes and views on his videos. His video crossed more than 27 million views with 4 million likes and 54K comments in just three days.

After he posted this video, many said that he shouldn’t care about the one that died. But as Gray is unemployed, everyone should help him to find job. His family also sued him for claiming these kind of things publicly. He is currently in touch with a lawyer and no one knows how it goes.

Grays world a TikTok gut claimed that he kill a woman to charge his phone but here are the facts that says about all his controversial