Why Netflix not accepting your card. Solve payment error ‘card is not accepted’

Most of the users trying to register for biggest OTT platform Netflix. But, it is mandatory to add your card details and then Netflix will offer you first month free. But, your account will be automatically deducted fron your account after a month if you don’t cancel the card. Most of the Indian users facing trouble as Netflix is not accepting their card.

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Why Netflix don’t accept your card ?

Netflix not accepting debit card accepted accept payment

If you are using a domestic debit card like SBI, Netflix will not accept. In India, most of the users have debit card. Domestic debut card like SBI Visa debit card are only to make payments in India. Netflix is accepting payment from international cards only. Netflix accept payment that automatically deduct money from your account as a monthly subscription fee. But, debit card don’t allow automatic payment. That’s why Netflix is not accepting your debit card.

What is the solution ?

You should have credit card to start your subscription with Netflix. Because, credit cards allows automatic payment deduction from your account. If not credit card, you can make yourself global forex debit card.

Niyo Global Forex Debit Card is free service that enables you to make international payments. You can register on their website and order yourself international debit card at your home which will help you to make any kind of international payment. Best thing about Niyo is that it is completely free. There is no transaction charges.