How to Think Right for Successful Life?

Do you enjoy being with yourselves, ‘Just you’?
If you are made to sit in a room alone for 15-minutes and provided with a button to shock yourself, will you shock yourself up or think for 15-minutes?
Stay up with your answer!

When Timothy Wilson, a Social Psychologist at University of Virginia, U.S. performed a social experiment to check the ‘Thinking period’ of people. Wilson and his team left the participants alone in the lab room in which they could push a button and shock themselves up if they wished to. Even if the participants agreed to pay money to avoid being shocked with electricity before, 67% of men and 25% of women chose to shock themselves up rather than sit quietly and think.

This means that 67% of men and 25% of women couldn’t stand their own thought for 15 minutes.
Firstly, I feel its so sad that people feel bored and uncomfortable with their own thoughts. Secondly, Some people are over-thinkers to an extent that they dislike themselves for overthinking over other people or situations.

Further, I think that most of us have this problem because either we have negative thoughts or we don’t know what we do with our thoughts. The overcoming of negative thoughts concept was cleared in my blog before on ‘What is the right approach towards life?’.
Also, Most of us are too engrossed in the pasts and futures and barely there is some time left for the ‘PRESENT’.

So, the problem is we don’t know how to manage what we think and how can we think productively for maximum time of the day.
According to me, One of the best solution is, what I call, a ‘Learning Sheet’.
Well, ‘Learning sheet’ is more like accounting but it has something more with it.
Before that, a ‘Learning sheet’ contains data of what you learn everyday!
Robin Sharma extensively covers   60-minutes-learning in most of his content. He explains how learning for 60-minutes every day can bring tremendous changes in life.

Why learning? – Learning leads to progressive thinking. Progressive thinking is something people find hard to imbibe in themselves. Hence, people think about all unwanted things other than their own progress.

Benefits of Learning are innumerable. Some of them are as follows – 1) Align our thought process: When we are learning new, we are completely present, actively involved into it. Anybody with any past can learn anything new and create desirable future.
2) Tune us with the right thinking: Learning anything new tunes us with the right thinking patterns and ideologies, ‘We think the way we should think as humans’.
3) Cerebral Development: Cranial capacity of a person learning new things is much more than a normal person. This in return stimulates intellectual instincts in the person.
4) Comfort with Change: We as humans hate changes, but learning something new changes our mindset, thinking patterns about life which in return makes us more comfortable with changes around us.

5) Brings success: Obviously, Learning new things everyday will impart so much knowledge into us that we are ought to be successful.
6) Creates Self-Worth: Our evolution through good and bad in our life makes us value ourselves more. More different sides you explore of yourselves, the more value you add to the journey you have been through.
7) Better connection: Learning new things imparts knowledge and information which introduces us to different cultures and communities. This in return helps us to connect better.
8) Exposure to innovation: Creating expertise in an area with continuous learning makes us more confident about the subject/practice. This in return promotes innovation in the subject/practice from us.
As a sum up of all these benefits, we get tuned to productive thinking. Productive thinking is the right thinking as it provides us with a right way to move ahead in life.

How do I make my Learning sheet?
It’s very simple!
A learning sheet contains 5 categories/columns:
1) Name of the Expected Instructor.
2) Learning received by him/her.
3) Amount of time spent learning.
4) Insights/Experience of the learning.
5) Whether or not applied in real life.

Basically, this is you keeping account of the new things you learn every day. As a result, this shows you much you have changed yourselves through a course of time.
Trust me, you don’t need to see a motivational video after making this sheet, you’ll inspire yourself. Eventually, You’ll start seeing your progress in a more practical way. As a result, this learning sheet will make a life-long impact on life. This is because, ‘Accounting is the best way of Reflection’.
Moreover even in our hectic and busy lives, we can spare at least 60-minutes for learning something new and investing on our brain and thereby investing in our future.

I personally fill this in my journal and my excel sheet both. I write down my 60-minute-learning session in my journal everyday with the same categories given above. After about a week or two, I fill that week’s data in my excel sheet. This is because I really prefer having a moment of reflection on the change that new learning has brought to me and I like to check whether or not I really applied that learning to my life. I recommend doing it this way.
If you ask me what to start with, I’ll recommend you just open your Youtube, search for some legendary people in your industry and watch his/her videos and follow channels which provide you with the newest information or knowledge. Yes, That’s learning too!

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