A guy named Pratik Raj got viral after buying car from his dad’s loan

Facebook post with a thread of comments is getting viral on social media. In this post, one can see guy named ‘Pratik Raj’ posting on Facebook about his newly bought ‘Toyota’ car with the loan. But, lot of people criticized him too.

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Who is Pratik Raj ?

Pratik Raj is one of Facebook user and member of FB meme group ‘FRB Trolls‘. He is not employed and his family do farming for survival. He posted in ‘FRB Trolls’ group about his new car. But he was trolled heavily by group members. Lot of people criticized him but he replied them all with a politely savage comments which are viral now.

The account name ‘Pratik Raj’ probably changed his account name or profile picture from Facebook. Lot of people started sending him request and appreciated his savage replies in DM due to which he tried to hide his identity from Facebook. Now, people are sending messages to those who replied to his post just to ensure whether this thread is for real or not.

What was the post from FRB Trolls about Pratik Raj ?

Pratik raj facebook post guy who bought car with loan
Pratik raj FRB Trolls' post facebook
Pratik raj bought new car FRB Trolls fb post

Pratik Raj posted and mentioned in caption that, he finally been able to bring car at his home as he was requesting his father to give him a one and his father bought this car for him by taking loan.

Members of group criticized him for not buying car with his own money. Members didn’t love as he forced his father to take loan to give him a car. When lot of member criticized him, he said that his father is hard working person and will pay the loan. Pratik doesn’t like to work at all and on one side his father love work. That’s why he is not worried at a about repaying loan as he knows his father will manage it.

The whole comment conversation between Pratik and group members is viral on lot of social media accounts.

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