What?? Disha Patani ‘s lips are sealed while kissing Salman Khan in Radhe Movie ?

On 23rd April, Radhe Movie trailer launched. Trailer look promising for Salman Khan fans. But, at the same time it got trolled due to some of non making sense dialogues. One thing which everyone failed to notice is that Disha Patani ‘s lips are sealed while kissing Salman Khan.

Why Disha ‘s lip sealed by Radhe Movie makers ?

Sealed lips disha Patani radhe Movie kissing salman khan
In image : you can see sealed lips of Disha Patani

One can not notice easily notice that Disha Patani have sealed lips when kissing Salman Khan. One need to see very carefully that scene. There is no clarification from makers that why did they seal lips.

As everyone knoo that Salman Khan has policy of not kissing any actress on-screen. So, makers are promoting this scene with a tagline that ‘Salman Khan lip-locked with Disha Patani’. It is one of the PR Stunt. One can only guess whether this is real or not after watching movie. Because, there are chances that this scene should be a part of movie where Disha have sealed lips

Also, Most of the time director use this trick when actors and actress are not comfortable to kiss on screen. So, makers could have tried to make it look like real kiss. This one of the scene would be first Salman Khan ‘s on screen kiss.