Is TVF Aspirants a real life story of IAS officer Abhilash Sharma ?

TVF Aspirants a series based on the reality of UPSC Aspirants is really winning the hearts of millions of viewers. The series is free to watch on YouTube. Many people are confused whether this TVF Aspirants ‘s Abhilash Sharma story inspired by any real life story of an IAS officer or not. Here we will discuss the truth.

Is Abhilash Sharma ‘s story from TVF Aspirants based on real life story of an IAS Officer?

No, the story is totally fictional but still a couple of scenes of TVF Aspirants performed by the character Abhilash Sharma is totally inspired from Real Life incidents.

The starting scene of the series where IAS Officer Abhilash Sharma is seen on a Bus Stand. He is educating people about the right way to dispose the plastic water bottles. This scene is inspired by Real Life incidents of an IAS Officer. Two years ago, an IAS officer raided Indian Railway System and asked people to not buy water bottles for Rs 20 when MRP is given on it is Rs 15. Apart from that, he educated people in the right way to dispose the plastic water bottles. Video went viral on Social Media.

Now, this old video is getting millions of views after TVF Aspirant released.

There is also another incident in TVF Aspirants where Abhilash Sharma is scolding government employees about the high electricity bills. This scene is also inspired by a real-life incident when Rajasthan’s Cabinet Minister Ashok Chandana scolded government officials about fake electricity bills.

In short, the TVF Aspirants series ‘s incident for IAS Officer Abhilash Sharma is inspired by real incidents, but it is not the real-life story of any person. TVF made this series more beautiful with other characters such as SK & Guri.

TVF Aspirants real story abhilash sharma ias

This series is divided into five parts and hugely appreciated by the Indian audience. Every UPSC Aspirant connected themselves with the story of the series. TVF already brought life stories on JEE Aspirants with the series KOTA Factory which season 2 is soon releasing on Netflix.