IRCTC: How TO Book Ticket On IRCTC

IRCTC is a branch of the Indian Railway that handles the catering, tourism and online ticket booking of Indian railway.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation which was started on 27 September 1999.

The purpose of which is to provide the passenger traveling on the Indian railway during their stay and provide the physical service that a person needs while traveling.

Which means if you took that IPO, you would have got more than 100% RETURN in the first day itself. This Listing Price was more than 600 but a lot of people wonder if you should buy it after listing but if you bought it at that time 600 or 700 rupees, today its Share price will increase to 1900 rupees which means That company, if you had bought it after being listed, then it would have given you more than 150% return today. The company which is called IRCTC.

Where they have extended themselves really well, then go to different places in the tourism sector as you know, for which you need trains. Apart from this you have many other requirements, so IRCTC also fulfills these requirements.

IRCTC’s revenue is among their four segments. How does it vary from 2017 to 2019 so if I talk about the financial year 2017, at the time their main revenue used to come from 3 sectors like tourism sector Internet Ticketing area and catering sector so it was not very different at that time, it was their revenue at that time 34, 40 and 25% was 10% of drinking water which has changed and if I talk about FY 2019, their main revenue now 55% comes from their catering business so if we understand the business of IRCTC then they will Understood that they had to expand themselves well into the catering business

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IRCTC’s Full Form Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.


How to Create IRCTC Account? In Detailed Step by Step.

The process is very simple and the associate needs to follow some guidelines which I am showing you in this article. If you have signed up for IRCTC Account with the help of this article. So without any more commotion, let’s start.

  1. First of all, make sure that you are on the official website of IRCTC, which is, where you will create a free IRCTC New count to book train tickets online.
  2. . Once you get the homepage, find the Sign up button which is exactly here. When they redesign the website, it may change elsewhere in this page. For now it is here.
  3. Choose Sign up Button and you will get the same Personal Create Account Form. Here you have to provide the actual details like your name, email, Pan card number which should match your name and mobile number. If you give any wrong information, then your profit leads to idle.
  4. Now fill the first part of the User Id and Password, including the security questions. User ID must be between 3 and 35.
  5. Once you have entered the desired Users ID, click on ‘Check Availability’ to know if the name is available for registration. When the name is available, move to the next field which is Password. The password must follow these conditions. 8 characters minimum & amp; Maximum 15 characters.
  6. Password must have at least one short & amp; one capital alphabet and numeric digits. So let me enter the mine and confirm the same Crosword in the column below.
  7. Next is Security Question. If you forget them, you want information like Users or Password, then it will be useful. So choose the best one that you remember well.
  8. Next is language selection. Right now we have English and Hindi and me. English ‘ Now we have to provide a personal statement.
  9. Description of Aadhar card and Pan card is optionally Registration time. But to use IRCTC eWallet, you need a Pan card number and the name on the Pan card must match with the Account name.
  10. Choose the next country, provide the address here as you will get the email and will have to enter the unregistered mobile number at the end which means that the given mobile number should not be used for IRCTC registration. And yes, you will get the Conformation Cordito Mobile Number only.
  11. Finally, complete this section by selecting Nationality. Now the last one, the address. Try to be as accurate as possible. Once you have filled everything, enter the Captcha code and click on the Registration Form.
  12. Agree to the terms and select Ok when there is Massagepop.
  13. congratulation. You have successfully registered with IRCTC Account.

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Verification of account is mandatory before booking a train ticket.

Now let’s do this.

  1. Click on this Activate Account Link and login the User ID and Password we have created.
  2. Once you reach inside, you will get this Email and Mobile Verification Screen.
  3. If necessary, you can also edit Email and Mobile Number here.
  4. So now, choose Verify Mobile No with OTP and send the code that was sent to your Mobile Number and click on Code Submit the OTP Code.
  5. Click Verify E Mail with OTP and enter One Time Password and then select ‘Submit OTP Code’.
  6. Once you complete the steps, you have now started the IRCTC Account.
  7. All you have to do is login with User Crisword and start booking your train ticket from home.

Check the box to select the ticket. Click Cancel Ticket. If we want to process the cancellation request then it is confirming with us again. Click Ok.

If you want, you can also print a cancellation report. Click on Close Button. Ticket no longer appears in our list of booked tickets. Let’s go to our email to see if any email has been received.

We have received an email from Ticketman on IRCTC. Click on the email to open it.

Email is informing us that Ticket has been canceled as per our request. The refund amount of Rs. 30 will be refunded to our account soon. If you are facing any problem, you can contact customer support on the given help line or fax them. Our Ticket has now been canceled.

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