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Is Amit Singh the real name of Khan Sir ?

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Youtuber Khan Sir is in controversy due to his recent Palestine v/s Israel videos. Khan Sir ‘s educational videos are viral on social media. He is famous for his sarcastic teaching method. But lot of post on social media getting viral claiming that Amit Singh is the real name of Khan Sir. But, is it true?

What is Khan Sir ‘s Real Name ?

In one of the educational video, Khan Sir talked to students about his past. In this video, he shared that how he got fame as a Khan Sir. Khan Sir said, “I was not a teacher. But, there was a coaching institute which had students but there were not a single teacher to teach them all. So, I got a job as a teacher on that coaching institute. When I started teaching, number of students increased from 10 to 150 within a month. So, coaching institute got lot of students because of me. But, they were afraid that what if I open my own coaching and start teaching students separately. So, coaching institute said me to not share my name and phone number with any of their students. But, they wanted to give me a teacher batch of coaching institute.

On that batch, they had to mention my name. So, they gave me name ‘Faizal Khan’ and wrote my name as Khan Sir on that batch. Otherwise, my friends and people used to call me Amit Singh. It’s because of coaching institute, I got my name as ‘ Khan Sir “.

It is clear to say that Amit Singh is the real name of Khan Sir. Faisal Khan is name given by his coaching institute and then he got his fame with that name.

Hindu & Muslim V/S Khan Sir Controversy

Khan Sir real name amit singh

People started searching about real name of Khan when they realised that in most of the videos, he trolled Muslim Community.

In Israel v/s Palestine video, Khan Sir showed his slight interest toward Israel and trolled palestine protestors from using kids in an open violent protest. This really hurt sentiments of Muslim Community. Lot of old videos also started getting viral on Twitter where Khan Sir trolled Muslim Community for overpopulation and less literacy. Many people filed FIR against Khan Sir too. Twitter hashtag with #report_khan_sir started trending.

In past, many right wingers trolled Khan Sir for trying to troll Narendra Modi. Khan Sir had run successful Twitter hashtags against Narendra Modi as #Modi_Rojgar_Do and #Modi_Job_Do . He made these hashtags trending on twitter by encouraging his students to tweet and tag Narendra Modi for this hashtag. When interviewer asked whether he hate Narendra Modi or not on which Khan Sir replied, ” I don’t have any propoganda against Narendra Modi. But as unemployment is the real issue in our country, i want our PM to take action of employment of youths. Only one person can help for thai employment issue is our own leader Narendra Modi. PM should really focus on this issue. So, we are trending hashtags and tagging PM to highlight the issue.

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