What Is Pan Card And How To Apply New Pan Card

Pay for Pan Card and know that your Pan Card PAN is for Permanent Account Number. It is a ten-digit Alphanumeric combination issued to all judicial institutions by the Income Tax Department of India.

Facts about Pan Card Pan is unique, national and permanent. It is unaffected by change of address. Can everyone get a Pan Card?

Person Company HUF i.e. Hindu Un-divided Family. Trust and many other bodies Why do we need a Pan Card?

Pan card acts as an important photo id proof. This Pan card helps in transactions such as opening a bank account, buying or selling property etc.

Pan Card is also used for accounting purposes on receivable taxable salary which is used in filing income tax return. Documentary proof for opening a DEMAT Account for Share Trading. Its use as documentary proof for bank withdrawal of Rs. More than 50, 000 is done.

This is a tool that helps ID Default keep a check on Tax Defaulters. This is done indirectly by tracking their credit history. TDS ie (tax deduction at source) is used as documentary evidence to avail.

Documentary evidence for obtaining passport, change of address and other relevant documents. For a fixed deposit of more than Rs 50,000, the payment of hotel bill and travel expenses is more than Rs. Application for issuing 25,000Credit Card Application of Teliphone Connection The PAN structure is as follows The first five letters are letters, the next 4 digits, the last letter letter.

The first three letters are letters from AAA to ZZZ. The fourth character informs about the type of card holder. For each assessment HUF is uniquely P for Person C for Company H i.e. A firm for Hindu undivided family for Aop i.e. Association of Persons for Trust B for BOI i.e. Local Authority for Artificial Body Employee for J Body of individuals L and G for government.

The fifth character of the Pan Card is the first character of the person’s surname or last name, in the case of the “personal” Pan shown in the picture, the surname is Yadav. Hence, the 5th character is the name of the company or Y / entity / trust / society / organization in case of Huf / Frm or any other type of Pan. In the image shown, Trust’s name is Shanoj. Therefore, the 5th character is s. The last character is an Alphabetic Check digit.

The date of issue of the Pan card is mentioned on the right (vertical) of the Pan. You can verify or verify new and existing Pan numbers by visiting the following link.

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Know the Pan Card Procedure- Applying for Pan Card documents for proof of identity The Pan Card application form is called Form 49A for tracking the status of the application. The next step is to fill the form. The form is to be legally filled in BLOCK LETTERS in English only.

It is better to use pen with black ink to fill the form. In each box, fill only one character (alphabet / number / punctuation). An empty box should be left after each word.

‘Individual’ applicants require two recent color photographs with a white background. These pictures have to be pasted on the form in the spaces provided.

Photos should not be clipped in Stapple or Form. The photo on the left should have a signature / thumb impression on it. For the photo on the right, the signature / thumb impression should be below it.

The thumb impression should be verified by Notri Public or an authorized official with official seal and seal. Now, start filling the form.

First, the Assessing Officer fill in the details. Details of the officer can be found on these webpages – in item 1 section, you have to fill your personal details.

Here, choose your title, such as Mr., Mrs. etc.

Write your surname, first name and middle name in full form. These have to be filled without any start.

Your name should not be prefixed to non-persons for any title such as Messrs, Dr, Kumari, etc. What if the name is longer than the space provided?

The item 5 section asks for the date of birth. Expected dates from different categories of applicants are specified in the form.

Instructions in item 1 regarding name, apply here. Note that married women should also give their father’s name and not their husband’s name.

Item 7 asks for your address. Residential address must be filled by individuals only, HUF, AOP, BOI or AJP.

For item 8, ie address for communication- Person / HUF / AOP / BOI / AJP can tik to ‘residence’ or ‘Office’ address. Other applicants should write their ‘Office’ address. All communications will be sent to the address written here. The mobile number and E-Mail ID details are to be filled in item 9.

Country code * 11 STD CODE number and E-Mail ID requires that in case of any discrepancy in the application, contact the applicants and send the Pan Card through E-mail SMS UPDATE Status Item 10, in that category Select the condition that is applicable.

Item 12 – Citizens of India, if allotted to them, have to enter their Aadhar Number. This must be supported by a copy of the Aadhar card.

In item 13, applicants should indicate their source of income using the business / profession code. These codes are available on page 3 of the form. For example, the code of medical profession and business is 01 Engineering 02.

Item 14 asks for personal details of representative assessors. Only representatives referred to in Section 160 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 can act as representatives.

The details of the personality representative have to be filled here.

Lastly fill the remaining information given in the site.


Pan card can be downloaded online from NSDL and UTITSL portal. Applicants who had earlier applied for PAN card through NSDL portal can download ePAN from the same. If they want to download ePAN from UTIITSL Portal, then they must first apply for Pan card reprint through UTIITSL Portal otherwise they will not be able to download ePAN. This goes with the applicants of the UTITSL Portal.


  • Accept number using E-Mail (https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/MPanLogin.html)
    Of Pan Card (https://www.myutiitsl.com/PAN_ONLINE/ePancard) Download ePAN.
  • NSDL does not allow users to download EPAN after one month of application, whether it is for New Pan Card or for improvement / modification in Pan Card.

Applicants can opt-out of the delivery of Pan card Hardcopy and can only apply for ePAN at the time of filling the form, both new and improved.

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