Thursday, May 19, 2022

How Anoop Mandal the Anti-Indian group accusing Jainism and Hinduism of Corona Outbreak ?

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Anoop Mandal is targeting rural people from Rajasthan and brainwashing them against Hinduism and Jainism to join Anti Indian activities.

What is Anoop Mandal group and how it started ?

Anoop Mandal is an Anti-Jain group from Sajjan Nagar, Sheoganj Rajasthan. Anoop Mandal Group started by a person named Anup Das in 1920 who was influenced by the ideology of communism. Anup Das took most of his money loan from Jain Baniyas (Businessman) during that time. When he was unable to repay his loan to those baniyas, he started making them infamous in society.

He made his own book and named it ‘JagatHitkarni’ where he mentioned that every businessman especially Jains are responsible for every natural disaster. They say, ‘Baniyas are so powerful that they can call for any natural disaster with their black magic’. The group mostly targeted Jainism and promoted their campaigns in rural areas of Rajasthan.

Jagathitkarni the sacred book for Anoop Mandal is officially banned by the government due to a lot of illogical statements. Still, the group promotes this book among villagers and encourages them to join their group.

Anoop Mandal is accused of trying to kill many Jain Monks with intentional accidents.

Illogical statements mentioned in Anoop Mandal’s Jagathitkari book

  1. According to Anoop Mandal, Hindu Vedas are devil creation of Baniyas
anoop mandal jain jainism anup

2. According to them, ‘Jain Monks, Jain people stop rains, do earthquakes. They spread Swine flu , AIDS, Malaria and all kind of dangerous infection with their devil black powers.

3. According to them, Coronavirus is the creation of Jain people and spread by Jains all over the world.

anoop mandal jain jainism anup

4. According to them, Britishers never looted India. Britishers helped India with development. Indian Baniyas were the ones who looted all the Indian wealth.

anoop mandal anup jain jainism

5. According to them, Jains have a control room in the sea of the Bermuda Triangle and they operate the Bermuda Triangle.

6. According to them, Hindu, Muslim, Britishers, and everyone should get one to fight against Baniyas because Baniyas have evil powers.

anoop mandal jain jainism

7 .According to them, kids get infection, poor suffers because of Baniyas.

How the Anoop Mandal group is spreading their Anti India agenda ?

This group is mostly targeting Jainism and also started Targeting Hinduism in it’s books. During the COVID outbreak, they are trying their best to convince rural people as this virus is the creation of Indian Baniyas. They are not active on social media. But, they are reaching among rural indian People and brainwashin them with their illogical ideology. There are lot of videos of Anoop Mandal surfacing on Internet where one can see their senseless fight against Indian Baniyas.

Jain community’s protest against Anoop Mandal group

Jain community started their protest against them. Due to lockdown, Jain community is not protesting on roads. But, they have started taking legal actions to make Rajasthan Government to permanatly ban this group for spreading misinformation. On social media, lot of people filed petition in favour of banning this Anti – Jain group.

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