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What is WHATSAPP: Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications on the planet which is used by millions of people all over the world. Application has already replaced SMS and has increasingly become our primary mode of communication. Whatsapp Web Feature is mostly used for organizations. Message Tipe using web browser is fast and fun.

Nowadays Whatsapp has become a very powerful communication tool. Apart from using it for personal communication, you can use Whatsapp for your busiess in various ways, it is cost effective and easy to use.

See here the complete details that you can use on Whatsapp Web.


Whatsapp has announced additional Secure features for Whatsapp Web and Desktop, laptop, PC, which it says will add another layer of security to the users’ account when they connect it to their computer. This Whatsapp will now take advantage of face or fingerprint unlock, where it is available on the mobile phone operating system when a users is connecting it to the web version.

Whatsapp says that to link Whatsapp Web or Desktop to someone’s account, they will now be asked to use Face Password or Fingerprint Password on Mobile Phone before scanning the QR Code. At the moment, users just have to scan the QR Code from Mobile to link their Whatsapp Account to laptop or PC, Desktop.

Whatsapp is an extension of the Facebook-supported Massage service for Web PCs, desktops and laptops. This feature allows users to use Whatsapp on Computer / laptop / Pc using Web Browser and to send and receive messages.

Unlike Whatsapp for PC, Web does not require any installation. It is compatible with any browser including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. WiTH is Setup is quite easy and its visual interface is also similar to a mobile phone. Whether you are tipe messages from phone or web, everything remains the same.


To use WhatsApp QR Code, install and open Whatsapp Web Desktop Application. Now point the mobile phone at the QR code shown and scan the QR code. It is available for PC / laptop / Desktop or mac from whatapp.com/download.


Using Whatsapp Web is an easy thing, but for some people who have no idea about how it works. You can follow this quick guide to know how to use this Web on PC / laptop / Desktop. Keep in mind that in order to work on this Web, your Mobile phone needs to be active with Internet Connection.

Steps is Given Below:

  1. Open Whatsapp on your Device.
  2. Press Settings icon and open Whatsapp Web / Desktop.
  3. Now, open web.whatsapp.com on a PC browser on your PC / laptop / Desktop.
  4. Scan the On Screen QR Code using Whatsapp Scanner from your Device.
  5. As soon as you scan the QRQR Code, your Whatsapp will open.
  6. Account will now be accessed through your Device.
  7. All massages will be crossed and anything you do a device will apply to both.

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How does WHATSAPP WEB work?

Initially, you have to scan a QR Code using your mobile phones to access your messages and conversations. Once you do this, you can keep your mobile phone in your Desk drawer or pocket and forget about it.

The app will pull all your conversations, give any new messages and enable you to start a new chat or find your current conversation. You will also get access to your profile, along with some basic settings and any stored chat.

These apps don’t provide the same functionality as the Mobile App when it comes to Settings, but responding to messages and starting a new chat is the same, just easier and faster because you have a bigger display and a better keyboard.


As of now there is no provision of Video / Voice Call on Whatsapp Web. You can only send massages, files and video photo / video, probe status and archive and block chat using the device.

However, if anything happens to the report, you will soon be able to make video and voice calls using Whatsapp Web. Facebook-owned Massaging Platform has reportedly started rolling out call support for web and desktop apps to a handful of users.

Those who have received the update will be able to see Whatsapp Web Voice and Video Calling Button next to the search icon in the chat heaer.


Whatsapp currently supports multiple devices through Whatsapp Web, which connects back to a mobile phone account.

A phone is required to operate Whatsapp Web and connect to the web.

You have to login to Whatsapp Web and scan the QR Code on another device.

Whatsapp Web allows only one additional device. So, apart from your current Smartphone, you can use it on your Second device or PC / laptop / Desktop.


Does WORK or not?

The simple answer is no. If the mobile number with which Sink is done, then Whatsapp Web will not work on your Computer and Tablet.

To work on Whatsapp Web, your mobile phone on which your Whatsapp Account is active will have to be activated with Active Internet Connection. Once you are connected on Whatsapp Web, you will not logout even after turning off Browser or even if you have closed your system.

This means that every time you visit the website web.whatsapp.com, your Whatsapp Chat will open.

Apart from this, you do not even need a nearby phone to work on Whatsapp Web. This means that the mobile phone and device that has WhatsApp Web Active may be different from each other, but they will still continue to work.

As we told, your phone should have a Start internet connection, and with this once you get your Ac. If you connect with Whatsapp Web Client, then they will be connected until you have gone to another country.


Massaging App on smartphones can monitor Whatsapp Web Login and Logout.

To do this,

  1. Open Whatsapp on your Device
  2. Tap on the Action overflow menu in the top right corner and select Whatsapp Web
  3. The following screen will show you the devices where you have logged in
  4. You can log out of these devices from the option of all devices at once or by pressing on them individually.
  5. You can place the ‘+’ icon at the top right of the screen which can be used to add a new device. However, remember that you can use Whatsapp Web on only one device at a time.

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