Who is @asshventure on TikTok ? Ashley Grace and her Christianity controversy.

Ashley Grace a TikTok content creator just changed her apartment and shifted to the new one. She is making new friends in the apartment. Ashely Grace updating her audience with every single detail about her life with her videos. But, how many of know about asshventure or Ashley Grace and christianity controversy.

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Who is Ashley Grace on TikTok as @asshventure ?

Ashley grace asshventure tiktok

Ashley Grace is basically TikToker and create amazing content on TikTok. She has about 1.2 million followers on TikTok which are all curious about her life events. She keeps her bio as, “Currently living in my GORGEOUS APARTMENT and sharing my SUPER STABLE life here”.

Ashley is 24 years old in 2021. Fans enjoy her sarcasm and humour in her videos. Her beauty is also one of the reason why many people followed her. She doesn’t speak much about her personal information.

Ashley keep posting about her day to day life events. She shares her kitchen while cooking, getting groceries, dealing with mental issues, making friends etc. Her video easily crosses minimum of 150k views whenever she posts it. She has 205K followers on Instagram (in June 2021)

One can say that she really Iove her audience. Whenever fans do comment on her post, she get one of the comment and make video to reply to those comments. That’s why fans keep posting amazing comments on her video.

For sometime in past, she was staying in car. But, now finally moved to new apartment. Lot of fans expressed her happiness for Ashley when she announced about her new apartment. Many of her followers know her life struggle and they are all happy for Grace now.

She has started making videos about her new life in new apartment on her TikTok.

Ashley Grace and her controversy on Christianity

Ashley Grace became quite controversial and hateful to some when she expressed her opinion on christianity. She had really bad experience as a christian. So, she left this religion.

She said, “I grew up Christian and identified heavily as being a Christian up until last year. I had no idea how damaging my upbringing was until I actually left Christianity (which is really hard to do because of all the fear that surrounds leaving). It wasn’t until just recently when I read a book called “you are your own” by Jamie Lee Finch that I realized what I had experienced was trauma and most people who leave Christianity have it. I’ll talk more about what this trauma looks like in the future. It was eye opening to me to hear what was actually considered traumatic because it’s still so common and normal in the church. I’m still learning and growing.I spent 23 years of my life identifying as a Christian and now I’m learning to process all that I went through. I’m open to hearing other people’s experiences but please don’t try to convert me back to a Christian. Trust me, it won’t work. I used to be you. I know exactly what you’re doing and I now can see clearly that I don’t want any part in it.”

Again, she continued, “The thing with Christianity is that you don’t know it’s wrong or hurtful when you’re in it. I was taught as a Christian that what we believe is the ultimate truth and everyone who doesn’t believe it is lost and going to hell, was taught that if I didn’t have Jesus in my life I was nothing. Had no hope without god. So of course, when you’re taught these things, it would be terrifying to leave so you stay. It’s much easier and safer to stay. It’s much easier and safer to not question things and just continue on with everyone else.
I don’t hate Christians or my family. I don’t think religion is bad. I’m not going to be telling everyone who is religious to leave their religion or to hate their religion. I’m simply sharing my experience with it and the damaging effects that it had on my life.

Currently I’m reworking the way I view God and spirituality. I know I’m a spiritual person and I’ll be exploring what that looks like for me moving forward. Thank you all for being so supportive of me. I trust that you guys are a safe space for me to speak my truth.”

She continued, “I would never be able to process all of this shit without recovery. I’m so grateful that I now have the mental capacity to work through other areas of my life that worked through. need to be
It’s not easy or comfortable, but at least I’m growing as a person and not stuck in a soul sucking eating disorder.
1 more thing: I know that my experience is my experience. It’s personal to me so I’m not saying that all Christians didn’t experienced exactly the same things as me. I’m aware of that. But with that being said, I did grow up Christian surrounded by Christians.”

This is what Ashley Grace TikTok famed @asshventure wrote on her Instagram story.

Some of her followers criticized her decision and also tried to troll her. On her other side, many of them welcomed her decision and did respect her side.