Is Sucheta Dalal ‘s latest tweet against Adani Group ?

Sucheta Dalal who is a finance journalist recently pointed out current manipulation of particular shares in share market. Sucheta Dalal tweet about market manipulation of particular group, but is it pointing towards Adani group ?

What was Sucheta Dalal ‘s tweet ? What does she want to explain ?

Sucheta Dala tweeted, “Another scandal hard to prove outside the black box of information available with SEBI tracking systems is the return of an operator of the past who is relentlessly rigging prices of one group. All through foreign entities! His speciality & that of a former FM. Nothing changes!”.

Sucheta dalal latest news adani tweet

Explaination : Mrs. Sucheta didn’t mention any group or shares name. She simply gave hint to investors about market manipulation of particular group of shares. Also, she says that this manipulation is hard to prove and SEBI is tracking those shares. The price of this share is going up because of past operator. In case if you don’t know, Ketan Parekh is still active in market and operate some of his favourite stocks. Still, no one knows whether he is behind this group stocks or not.

Mrs. Sucheta just tried to give hint. But, it is still hard to prove as money is invested by Foreign companies for those stocks. The hint is to make investors aware to not invest any random stock without seeing companies fundamentals as bubble could burst at any time and small investors would loose there money.

There is still no proof against those group shares operation that’s why she didn’t mention name.

What are investors thinking about this tweet ?

Lot of retail investors and people guessing this tweet as against Adani Group. From some past months, share price of Adani group is increasing massively. So, lot of people has to say that Mrs. Sucheta Dalal trying to warn people through tweet for not investing in Adani Shares. But, still it is not confirmed as there is no proof.

Is Sucheta Dalal ‘s tweet publicity stunt for her new book ?

Also, on other sides, some people accused this tweet as a publicity stunt of Sucheta Dalal for her newly launched book ‘Absolute Power’. As everyone knows that market manipulation is not new thing in stock market. So, just trying to repeat the same thing which everyone knows is way of promoting her new book. Many people believe that this tweet is just publicity stunt. Because, even after SEBI came, operator operated there favourite stocks and made profit. So, it is not new thing in stock market.

Will Adani stock fall after this tweet ?

In almost all of Adani stocks, there are 75% promoter’s investments, 15-20% investments from FIIs AND DIIs, retailers have only 3-5% of stocks. So, even if retailers will sell in panic, promoters will buy it more. Maybe Adani stock could experience temporary fall, but still it could increase again as promoters will keep buying more and more.