Who is real life author Dinesh Pandit from Haseen Dilruba and his books ?

Haseen Dilruba a murder mystery movie is based on author Dinesh Pandit ‘s books. The story of Rani and Rishu’s life go along with the story of the book. But, is Dinesh Pandit a real person ?

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Who is real life author Dinesh Pandit ?

Dinesh Pandit novels books author haseen Dilruba

Dinesh Pandit is not a real life author. A fictional author Dinesh Pandit used in a movie to make story more gripping. In a movie, Rani suggest Rishu to read ‘Hawas ka Atank’ novel by Dinesh Pandit. Rishu also start reading Dinesh Pandit ‘s books. But, as his relationship with Rani starts getting complicated, he left reading books too. Meanwhile, Rani is a big fan of Dinesh Pandit ‘s novels as she loves murder mystery books.

Rani also keep talking to inspector about Dinesh Pandit ‘s books. But, he didn’t get any clue. Meanwhile, in the climax, inspector get idea about the connectionon between the murder of Rishu and Dinesh Pandit ‘s novels.

If not Dinesh Pandit then who is the writer of those books ?

The movie is not inspired by real life author Dinesh Pandit. Haseen Dilruba inspired by the short story ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ by the author Roald Dahl. The book mentioned Kasauli Ka Kahar plays central role and it is also one of the fictional book.

Hawas Ka Atank, Dakaiti 60 Lakh ki, Kasauli Ka Kahar are the made up books for fictional story of movie by fictional author.