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Galina Becker ( Wife of Roman Reign ) Biography, Age, Profession, Net Worth, Wiki, twins photos

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“Behind Every Successful Man, there is a Women”, and for Roman Reign, it’s his wife, Galina Becker. The Beauty Star came to stole spotlight after getting married to WWE superstar Roman Reigns. The article will inform about Gailna Becker twins, parents, age, profession, networth, biography and wiki.

Throughout the whole career of Roman Reigns, it was Galina Becker who stood still as a spine for him in every way, physically and mentally. And now we wonder why he gushes all the time about her.

Hence, today, we’ll be discussing her. We will share every information regarding Galina Becker for those who are curious to know about her! How she balances everything?

Galina Becker: Quick Overview

• Name: Galina Jolle Becker
• Age: 34 years old (11th March 1987 )
• Height: 5’8” ( 173 cm)
• figure: Slim
• Husband: Roman Reigns
• Child: Three
• Profession: Fitness Model
• Nationality: American
• Nickname: Galina (Gelen)
• Net Income: More than 3$ Million
• famous as Wife of WWE superstar ‘Roman Reign.’
• Education: Georgia Institute of Technology
• Ethnicity: Africa-American
• Religion: Christian
• Birth Place: Jacksonville, Florida, CA
• Childrens: Five
• Husband: Roman Reign
• Fun facts: She had some close relationship with WWE superstars before Roman
• Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Who is Galina Becker?

galina becker biography, wiki, roman regines wife, instagram, age, height, networth, profession, twins, twin children

Galina Becker, the wife of famous WWE superstar Roman Reign, is a fitness model by profession for the last six years. She has five children, and she lives in Tampa, Florida, with her family.

Galina’s love for her all five children & husband and her other interests differentiate her as a powerful and unique individual.

She’s a celebrity wife, a devout mother and a businesswoman who worked as a fitness model with many famous marketing firms from all over the world.

She went to the Georgia Institute of Technology to get a degree in Management. Where she met roman, and they start dating from college days.

Becker never left her passion for the athlete in college, too. That’s why she’s a successful fitness model, athletic experience being the key reason.

How old Is Galina Becker? – Galina Becker ‘s Age and Body Measurements

By now, we are very much well aware of Galina and Roman. But is it the only information about Galina Becker?

Galina Becker was born in the year 1987, and the beauty queen is 34 years. (As calculated). She has always been into the news for her mesmerizing beauty.

She celebrates her birthday every month on 11th March. Her Zodiac Sign is Pisces which is constantly praised for creative thinking, dedication, and attractiveness.

We cannot miss the Former athlete and track player who has a toned figure, and her body measures 34-27-34 inches.

Her curvy physique makes us think about her being the mother of three. Galina Becker is 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and weighs nearly 60 kgs (132 lbs.)

Height in Centimetres: 173cm
Height in Metres: 1.73 m
Height in feet: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight in Kilograms: 60 Kg
Weight in pounds: 132 pounds
Body measurements: 34-27-34
Shoe size: 7
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Favourite food: Italian food

Galina Becker Private Life – Childhood & Early Life!

Ever since Galina Becker made her relationship public with Roman, the curiosity has been high to know more about the lady.

Starting with her born place, Roman Reigns Wife was born as Galina Joelle Becker in Jacksonville, the Southern Florida, the United States of America.

She is the youngest child among her two older sisters named Molisa Cooper and Undine Becker. She was talking about her parents, Mildred Becker and Kevin Becker.

Her older sister, Undine, was also a sports person and had influenced her significantly. We assume that she might be the reason why Galina started track during her school days in the first place.

All the three sisters were brought up in San Francisco, California, by their Parents. Hence, she is an American citizen belonging to the African-American ethnicity. The youngest daughter, Galina Becker for studies was sent to Mt.Pleasant High School, and in school she excelled as an athlete in hurdles and high jump.

Then she went to the Georgia Institute of Technology to get a degree in Management. Becker never left her passion for the athlete in college too.

They both were dating from school days and finally got engaged on February 26, 2012, and then we’re married after two years in December 2014 & exchanged their vows.

The wedding ceremony was held on a private island in the Bahamas owned by Walt Disney Company. The wedding ceremony was quite expensive.

Galina Becker gave birth to her first child named Joelle Anne on 14 December 2008. And then she gave twins in 2014. So far, their relationship is going great. There isn’t any information or rumours about their fight or breakup, or divorce.

However, once, roman said that it’s pretty difficult for them to be together most of the time because of the nature of his job. Mainly, he needs to be on-road most of the time.

Galina Becker’s Net Worth and Income Sources

Galina Becker is a former athlete and track holder and an active fitness model right after completing her graduation.

No sooner had she married Roman Reign and had twin children; she chose to devote all her time to her children and enjoy motherhood, taking a break from her professional life.

About her Net Worth, the exact net worth of Galina Becker is unknown. Still, we assume it to be around $3 Million, considering her popularity for being both an athlete and model.

On the contrary, her husband, WWE superstar Roman Reigns, is the owner of an astounding net worth of $12 Million.

Galina Becker ‘s and Roman Reigns Twins and Children Photos

Roman Reigns twin son photos, roman reigns twins, Galina becker

Talking about the kids of Galina and Roman, they both welcomed their first child, their daughter, Joelle, in the year 2008. Their first daughter present at the wedding of them in Bahamas.

Then they welcomed their twin boys were born in 2016. However, they have chosen to announce the names of their twins. In April 2020, they told officials that they’re going to welcome another set of twins. However, there’s no news regarding to the name of these childrens.

Galina Becker Wedding: When did Galina Becker get married?

galina becker roman regins wife, biography, age, instagram, height, networth, profession

Roman Reigns and Galina Becker got engaged on 26th February in the tear 2012. They kept on taking their engaged relation to marriage in December in the year 2014.

The couple decided to perform their wedding in a Disney-Style wedding. So, they tied the knot on Disney’s Castaway Cay, an island in the Bahamas owned by Walt Disney.

They got their wedding theme song from a whole new world from Disney’s Famous animated movie Aladdin.

Interesting Facts about Galina Becker

Quick facts

• She was called a super athlete
• She was fortunate enough to be one of the classmates of legend ‘Steve Nelson.’
• Won various competitions
• Best athlete in Mt Pleasant High School
• She impresses roman with her athletic skills

She is a former athlete:-

Galina Becker was an incredible athlete & famously known as a super athlete before she met roman in college. Undine Becker, her sister, was supporting her decision to be an athlete. Her sister forces her to pursue a career in this field.

Undoubtedly, she was excellent as a student-athlete in college & high school. She also participated in many sports events like hurdles or high jumping events during her school and college times.

Galina isn’t active on Social media:-

If you google about Galina Becker’s social media, you’ll find her account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, but she’s not active on any of these social media platforms.

Although she had these accounts years ago and she used to communicate with people and wrestlers online daily. But as of nowadays, she’s not active on these platforms. Perhaps she’s too busy parenting her five childrens, or she doesn’t want to interact with anyone.

Their wedding song was “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladin:-

After their wedding, it is clear that they both are huge fans of Disney as they got married on Castaway Cay, Owned by Disney, located in the Bahamas. And their wedding song was also from Disney’s Aladin “A Whole New World”. They did danced to A Whole New World” song on their wedding.

Copes well with many other WWE Stars:-

While Galina Becker isn’t active on Social media nowadays, there was a time when she used to reply to many WWE superstars or retweet their tweets like of Nia Jax, Renne Young, and much more regularly.

She was a known name within the WWE universe – it seemed that she enjoys fights as much as her husband does.

How she met Roman Reigns:-

Galina Becker met him ( Roman Reigns ) when she was studying subject management in Georgia Institute of Technology. Both Roman reigns and Galina Becker were classmates and studying same subject management in Georgia Institute of Technology. They both impressed with each other and started dating afterwards.

They remained together after completing graduation and decided to be together in future and get engaged in 2012. Finally; after two years of engagement, they tied the knot in 2014 and got married to each other in the presence of their first daughter Joelle, who was born in 2008.

Over a decade, they’re remained to be together even when, Roman Reign’s work keeps them apart for long periods of time due to the nature of his work.

Who is the father of Galina Becker? – Galina Becker Parents

Galina Becker or famous as the wife of WWE superstar Roman Reigns, was born as Galina Joelle Becker in Jacksonville, the Southern Florida, the United States of America. She is the youngest child among her two older sisters named Molisa Cooper and Undine Becker.

All the three sisters were brought up in San Francisco, California, by their Parents. Her father named “Kevin Becker” was a businessman in Jacksonville.

Her mother, named “Mildred Becker”, takes care of all the three sisters. Then the youngest daughter, Galina Becker was sent to Mt.Pleasant High School be her parents, and she excelled as an athlete in hurdles and high jump.

Is Galina Becker active on social media – Galina Becker Instagram ?

When you Google “Galina Becker”, you will find anything but her Social Media accounts suggesting Galina Becker Instagram, Galina Becker Twitter and many more.

But the truth is Becker is not active on Instagram, Facebook, or even on Twitter. She had accounts on all these platforms years ago, but now none of her accounts is active.

She used to be online and communicate with other wrestlers and people online through these accounts daily, but now she is no longer active on social media platforms.

When she used to be active on social media, she retweeted many tweets by the likes of Renee Young, Nia Jax and many more regularly.

She is perhaps too busy and chose to give up using social media and focus on parenting. The mother of 3 kids is not active anymore on any website.

If you find accounts by her name on any of these platforms, do not forget to remind yourself that you are on a fake profile.

There is a large number of peoples who created fake accounts on her name and used it as Galina Becker, but it is not real.

Galina Becker appearance on WWE events

Galina Becker and Roman Reign have been spotted several times together during several events of WWE. Most notably, Hall of Frame ceremonies.

At these events, wrestlers bring their partners to attend with them, and so did Roman Reign. She was often seen with her husband holding hands and supporting her in her personal life.

She was always a well-known name by herself as she is a former athlete, but she was more famous for being WWE wrestler Roman Reign’s wife.

By the appearances she made on WWE, Roman Reign’s wife, Galina Becker, enjoys wrestling as much as her husband does.

She was also seen attending several live events, but WWE never favoured using Reigns family to build up a rivalry.

It was the year 2014 when he was spotted feuding with Bray Wyatt. Apart from this, no one dared to mess up with Reign’s family as it would surely not end up well for them.


Q1. What ethnicity is Roman Reigns wife?

Galina Becker is an African-American woman who grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, US. She used to post her older pictures on Instagram and other social media networks, but she never spoke about her ethnicity in public. She was born and raised by her parents in Jacksonville, Florida, CA.

Q2. Are roman ReignReign and Galina becker still together?

Yes – So far, their relationship is going great. There isn’t any information or rumours about their breakup or divorce.

The bond between them is powerful; both fell in love in high school. It’s been over a decade since them being together.

Roman Reigns gushes all the time about her Because, throughout the whole career of Roman Reigns, it was Galina Becker who stood behind him in every possible way. She balances her personal & professional life so very well.

Q3. Did roman reigns wife have two twins?

Yes, Joelle, being their first child, was born in December 2008. Then, a set of twins was born in 2016. In April 2020, they publically announced the arrival of their again set of twins.

They are raising all five children in Tampa, Florida.

Q4. What does Galina Becker do for a living?

She’s been a fitness model by profession for the past six years. She works with a variety of brands and firms all over the world. Her previous athletic experience in high school and college years is the key reason for pursuing a career in this field.

Q5. When did roman reigns meet his wife?

They met at “Georgia Institute of Technology” during a sports event, as she excelled as an athlete in hurdles and high jump. Roman was also an athlete.

They both were dating from school days and finally got engaged on February 26, 2012, and then they married after two years in December 2014 & exchanged their vows.

Q6. What is Galina Becker Net Worth?

She enjoys her hundreds worth, Roman Reign, a famous WWE superstar’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.

Besides, she’s a successful fitness model and a former athlete who has been quite rich from childhood. Galina Becker net would is estimated to be around $3 million as of 2019.

However, there’s no exact amount of income mentioned anywhere, but her income may lie in this range as a successful professional model, i.e. 50,000$ to 80,000$ per year.


This article revolves around Galina Becker’s Biography. The Article features Galina Becker’s childhood & early life, Galina Becker’s high school and college life, how she met roman, Galina Becker’s profession, etc.

It was Galina Becker who stood still as a spine for Roman Reign, in every way, physically and mentally. This article will tell you how she balances her personal and professional life.

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