Monday, October 18, 2021

TXT Yeonjun exposed his chest accidently on VLive live video which is leaked online

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TXT Yeonjun was doing live video on VLive where he accidently exposed his chest in front of viewers, the video is leaked online. This thing is making huge controversy among fans. The video link will be mentioned somewhere in the article, where fans can report it.

Who is TXT Yeonjun ?

txt yeonjun exposed chest video live

TXT Yeonjun whose real name is Choi Yeonjun (최연준) is one of the Korean famed member of TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) Band. Yeonjun is Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Eldest Member of group TXT. He was born on 13th September 1999 which cuurently make him 21 years old.

TXT Yeonjun is the first member of TXT who was introduced by Big Hit Entertainment. He was introduced with a video released by Big Hit Entertainment which became viral and got 1 Million views in just 24 hours in 2019. Yeonjun has no sibling and he lives with his Mom and Dad. Before debuting with Bih Hit Entertainment, he was popular singer of his college and completed his graduation first. Fans resemble his habits with BTS’s Jin. Yeonjun is really impressed with the personality of Jin from BTS. So, many times he ended up behaving like Jin unconsciously which even make him more cute.

TXT Band dedicated a word ‘MOA’ for their Fand Club which stands of ‘Moments of Alwaysness’. Fans proudly call themselves as MOA of TXT.

TXT Yeonjun exposed his chest during video live on VLive leaked and it started new controversy.

TXT Yeonjun having fun video call with his fans, But, at the end of the Video Call, he accidently exposed his chest, and now video is leaked online. After a second, he realised that viewers saw his chest, which made him even more nervous. He requested and told his fans, ” Do not Screen Capture it. Please don’t screen capture it. Do not upload it. How Crazy. I wasn’t flexing. Oh man. Do noty capture that one. Please don’t. Come on. This is crazy. Anyways MOA, please don’t do that. It’s not OK. Please don’t do that. I will stop here, MOA, Bye.” He ended up his calla dn fans really took kept his words.

Yeonjun literally begged in front of his audience to not let that video get viral. He was very nervous after this incident.

Some people started arguing that the video was not problimatic as Yeonjun is a boy and there is nothing wrong if he ended up showing his chest. But, at the same time, MOA started arguing that people should respect his privacy as he was not comfortable for getting ended up showing his chest. Some of the Youtubers uploading clip of Yeonjun showing his chest, but MOA reported most of the videos and those videos were removed by Youtube Community too. Here, the link of his video live where he ended up showing chest at the end.

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