Who is Wasilla Lmouaci/Mouaci in leaked Spiderman No Way Home trailer

A lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans were waiting worldwide for official teaser or trailer of Spiderman : No Way Home. Meanwhile, someone leaked trailer teaser of Spiderman No Way Home and now it’s viral among fans. The thing that got attention of fans is the copyright name as Wasilla Lmouaci / Mouaci in worldwide viral Spiderman No Way Home leaked trailer.

Who is Wasilla Mouaci/Lmouaci, his biography, wikipedia ?

Wasilla Lmouaci known as Wasilla Mouaci is an VFX Producer. Mouaci started his career as VFX editor for short films. After a while, he also started working as a VFX editor in television shows and some of Hollywood movies, But, in present, he is well known name among many Hollywood personalities and work as an VFX Producer for big hollywood fillms. He has effectively worked in many hollywood movies. The leaked trailer of Spiderman No Way Home may got leaked from Wasilla Lmouaci / Mouaci officer. The watermark on video says it all thatb video must have leaked due to Wasilla. He is not active on any social media yet. So, there is also not single picture available of him on Internet.

The list of movies in which Wasilla Lmouaci / Mouaci worked as VFX Producer.

In 2021: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (visual effects producer)
In 2020 : Lovecraft Country (TV Series) (visual effects producer – 10 episodes)
Full Circle (2020) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)-  Rewind 1921 (2020) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)-  Jig-a-Bobo (2020) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)-  I Am. (2020) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)-  Meet Me in Daegu (2020) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)Show all 10 episodes 2020 Bloodshot (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX – uncredited)
 2019 Zombieland: Double Tap (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)
 2019 Raising Dion (TV Series) (visual effects producer – 7 episodes)
Issue #109: Storm Killer (2019) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)-  Issue #108: You Won’t Like Him When He’s Angry (2019) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)-  Issue #107: Why So Vomity? (2019) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)-  Issue #106: Super Friends (2019) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)-  Issue #105: Days of Mark’s Future Past (2019) … (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)Show all 7 episodes 2019 It Chapter Two (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX – uncredited)
 2019 Superpower Dogs (Documentary) (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)
 2018/I Bumblebee (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)
 2018 Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)
 2018 Ant-Man and the Wasp (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)
 2017 Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (visual effects production manager: Rodeo FX)
 2017 Justice League (visual effects project manager: Rodeo FX)
 2017 Geostorm (visual effects line producer)
 2017 Thor: Ragnarok (visual effects producer: Rodeo FX)
 2017 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (visual effects project manager: Rodeo FX)
 2017/I The Shack (visual effects project manager: Rodeo FX)
 2016 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (visual effects project manager: Rodeo FX)
 2015 Everest (visual effects line producer)
 2014 Paddington (visual effects line producer)
 2014 Edge of Tomorrow (visual effects line producer)
 2014 Winter’s Tale (visual effects coordinator – uncredited)

The list of movies in which Wasilla Lmouaci / Mouaci worked as a production manager

The Lorax (production manager) – 2010
Despicable Me (production manager) -2012

Is leaked Spiderman : No Way Home Trailer real ?

wasilla mouaci lmouaci leaked spiderman trailer

Acoording to Hollywood Reporter and many big analyst, the leaked Spiderman No Way Home Trailer is real. One can see that there is still some unfinshed work in that trailer. Some VFX is not fixed and some edits are not done properly yet. The trailer might be leaked when it was in work under Wasilla Lmouaci / Mouaci production. That’s why, it had copyright of his name. Tom Holland also reacted on his Instagram story about leak saying, “You Ain’t Ready”. Sony also quickly blocking this leaked video.

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Leaked Spiderman No Way Home Trailer Breakdown

Peter is wrestling with the reality that his secret identity has been revealed to everyone he’s talking with mj on top of a building saying that the implications of people knowing his identity are more far reason than just his life being kind of miserable for the fact that they’re questioning everyone in his life. Now you might be thinking what’s the big deal people knew that tony stark was iron man. People knew that bruce banner was the hulk why does it matter to the them besides his kid. Well it’s because mysterio was never definitively proven to be a villain we know he’s a villain we watched the movie we saw what happened but mysterio was always about misdirection and making a different story and the narrative that he left is that spider-man killed him with his drones and that is exactly the narrative that makes this a criminal case so peter parker beams spider-man spider-man being on trial for the death of mysterio the hero the avenger that was killed in battle and gets these elemental monsters that people didn’t realize that weren’t real and that’s what he’s on the key for and so it’s all his friends we see ned aunt may and others in an interrogation cell being asked questions about peter parker and his killing of the hero mysterio this brings peter parker to a breaking point where he’s like everything in my life is falling apart because i’m spider-man and everyone knows and mysterio misled the whole public he just wishes that he’d go back and none of this happened that brings them to the sanctimonium of doctor strange asking him if there is any way that he could conjure up a situation a spell something that could change the circumstances now i will say this this feels like a weaker premise to me than what i was hoping for but once again i didn’t know how we were going to get to the multiverse premise because essentially peter parker goes to dr strange and asks can you make the situation different juan looks at doctor strange and says do not try that spell that you’ve been working on an oddly convenient thing but it seems to imply that the spell helps dr strange pinpoint certain situations in the timeline for example he’s trying to pinpoint a multi-dimensional situation where no one knows of peter parker’s spider-man now i don’t know exactly how this works i don’t know if it changes the dimension around them or it transports them to another dimension but it does seem that doctor strange is so enticed by trying to spell that he does indeed acquiesce the requests of peter parker and takes him to a dimension where his identity is not revealed now the situation at hand though is his identity is not revealed to anyone mary jane ned anybody so that’s a hard thing for people to wrestle with but clearly something goes wrong or perhaps the situation that he’s hoping for isn’t right my theory on this is that peter parker keeps using the spell probably with some kind of doctor strange integrated suit and that’s what starts fracturing the multiverse or we’re gonna have our first tie-in with the series where wanda or loki’s decisions cause fractures in the midst of what they are doing all that being said it does seem that peter parker and doctor strange are transported to another dimension and that brings in some new baddies and dr strange goes on this long speed about how there is multiple dimensions and the more you mess with it the more it fractures so that’s why i think there’s a premise here and we see a couple things that are really interesting.