What is Nuru Massage ? Tips & Health Benefits of Nuru Massage

What is Nuru Massage? Everything you should know about tips and health benefits of Nuru Massage 

Keen to learn about Nuru Massage? Don’t worry; it is one of the fascinating erotic massage trends that people are craving to get. 

Many queries have been arising in people’s minds about how to focus on couple massages. So, this article will guide you through what Nuru massage is and what are tips which you should know along with health benefits. 

What is Nuru Massage? 

what is nuru massage health benefits tips

Nuru Massage is an erotic massage that involves the couple. The massage needs a unique, ultra-slippery gel made of seaweed. 

The gel is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and is safe to use. An exceptional inflatable mattress or drop cloth is needed to keep the mess of the gel. 

While giving Nuru a massage, one of the partners relaxes while the other partner slides and slips all over its partner’s body. The masseur needs to take care of the desirable areas and tickle sensitive areas to create intimacy between the two partners. 

This is generally practiced to invoke the sex sensation between the partners and not actively engaging in sex. When body contact happens, the tingling sensation raises the sexual feeling during sex. 

The massage is intimate that helps to establish a connection while having an engaging erotic experience for both. 

It is recommended to have a full-body contact while having Nuru massage as it raises a feeling of sensuality and offers a therapeutic massage. 

Origination of Nuru Massage

This form of massage’s history is not entirely known and does not contain much information about its evolution.

However, a bit of information suggests that this Japanese erotic massage technique came from Kawasaki, Japan, and not known whether it has still been into huge practice or not. 

But thankfully, it did not stop, and many couples benefit from this erotic massage and enjoy their intimacy. 

Techniques of Nuru Massage 

The Nuru massage involves the technique of rubbing the body on the body, touching, and rubbing. 

Nuru stands for the word-painting that means fitting. That is the point of intense erotic sensation. 

One partner paints oils or gel on one another to create the heat, and then one of the partners lays on their back while the other rubs their (boobs and butt) to their partner’s body from top to below. 

The massage gets intense when the partner tickles and rubs the sensual body parts with their body parts, like rubbing the hands and arms with boobs or rubbing the butts with boobs. 

The combination for this message is endless and gives you and your partner a lot of room to explore each other and follow these creative exercises for couples. 

The best way couples can make it happen. 

It works best if one of the couples holds on a bed or mattress and wiggles around the entire body like a snail crawling onto the slippery surface of the person. 

And the other partner stays stationary to counter all the slippery and movements involved while wiggling onto the body of their partner. 

Couples can also try Nuru massage at their home with their lover, but this is difficult to happen every day, as this massage involves preparation and requires time. 

But if you are in a mood with cold feelings looking at your partner erotically and sensually, you can surely ignite those lusty feelings with a partner you should give a try. 

Tips to give a super-sensuous, lustful erotic Nuru massage 

  1. Ditch the seaweed oil 

You do not need to spend huge bucks for your romantic cum erotic massage night. You can buy a Nuru massage kit and can ditch those expensive seaweed oils and measuring cups.  

You can use natural coconut oil (fragrance that will take you to the tropics) or daily almond oil. Coconut oils get a freeze during cold so you can warm, and they apply to your body to give a slippery feeling. Also, it is an excellent moisturizer for your skin. 

You can also use essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and ginger that add a soothing smell to the environment to give a hot and sensual activity. 

  1. Use an appropriate sheet.

It is best not to ruin your everyday sheet with oil while doing Nuru massage. So, alternatively, you can buy a low-cost sheet exclusively for Nuru massage. 

Preferring a thick flannel sheet would be a great option as this will hold the oil efficiently, and if you want to use lots of oil, then use a flannel sheet on the top of it to protect the sheet and manage the mess.                

  1. Use the whole of your body. 

The art of the Nuru massage solely depends on your capability of gliding the entire body on top of your partner’s skin. A complete body-to-body contact ignites the sensation and is the heart of the erotic massage.

Start with relaxing your partner facing downwards and gliding your body with your partner’s back with your chest, belly, and legs. Try long strokes by sliding their body in a circular motion and moving it in a wave-like motion. 

Do not pressurize yourself by setting a bar that you need to be in a certain way. Have fun as much as possible, and make sure that you enjoy the process. 

  1. Apply the proper massage techniques 

You can enjoy the Nuru message when you are not applying any fundamental technique. Just ensure that your skin contact is at its peak. 

If you want, you can add a soothing back massage or butt massage to enhance your full-body experience, and you can go beyond slipping and sliding. Combining the two can give a full massage at home. 

  1. Change Turns 

Both men and women can enjoy Nuru Massage, so it’s better to change turns. While the main Nuru massage involves one partner relaxing and the other one gliding into the partner’s body, but you can try for both of you and have fun. 

Also, you can enjoy this playful act of oiling and giving sensual touches and igniting the lust and orgasm rather than just slipping and sliding into one another. 

Have Fun- Sex is for pleasure and playful; after all, it is for all. 

Unexpected Health Benefits of Nuru Massage

The most satisfying “Nuru massage” is an intensely sexually arousing massage treatment, in which both the massage therapist and the massage receiver layered themselves in Nuru gel. 

The masseur uses her body to perform the massage, and the session contains extreme contact of their body. Besides providing sexual pleasure and creating a powerful sensation, Nuru massage offer unexpected following health benefits:-

  1. Relieves Stress 

Apart from creating an extreme sensation of pleasure, Nuru massage also relieves your stress. 

In fact, in a recent study, a new york-based massage agency claims that 82% of people who tried the massage reported a significant improvement in mental well-being after the massage session.

The body-to-body contact provides a beautiful erotic experience, which makes you feel completely stress-free and relaxed from toe to head.

I would highly recommend the Nuru massage for those who want to unwind from work or life stress. It’s a highly addictive feeling that will leave you pleasure for many hours after the session.

2. It relaxes muscles

A Nuru massage is considered one of the best ways to relax your tense and sore muscles.

This massage is performed chiefly on a waterproof sheet on the bed or an air bed. These beds are specifically designed to relax your mind and muscle and enjoy the intense sensation.

3. Moisturized Skin

The gel or cream used in Nuru massage is highly healthy and moisturizing. Apart from this, it’s odorless, tasteless, colorless, and doesn’t strain the sheet.

It consists of a combination of botanical extracts and nori seaweed extract. This composition forms a slippery gel. Before applying this gel, the therapist heated the gel to get the best out of it. The antioxidants present in the gel positively feed your skin and body.

4. Removes Toxins

One of the main aims of Nuru massage is to eliminate the toxins from your body. It’s beneficial if done professionally. 

It’s a professional therapy; the therapist had trained well and have an experience that would satisfy you completely.

5. Improves body posture

Nuru massage is one of the best ways to improve posture; it aligns your muscular & skeleton structure and alleviates muscular or postural pain. 

The regular workout or training creates a long-term tension on muscle and posture, and it helps a lot to recover them.

6. You’ll be sexually pleasured

Nuru massage is for everyone, and it doesn’t matter you’re a man or woman or anyone. It will calm your mind and body. It creates an intense sensation of pleasure and satisfies the receiver.

The touch of the masseuse’s body will engage you in a thrilling and mind-blowing experience. Whether you’re single or committed, it can be your one-nightstand. It will fulfill one’s sexual fantasies and desires.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What does body to body massage mean?

Answer: Body-to-body massage, better known as Nuru massage, refers to rubbing and kneading the body using hands or body. During a body-to-body massage, a masseur will apply gentle or firm pressure to the joints and muscles using their body to relax the muscles and remove their stress.

Question: What is Nuru massage gel powder?

Answer: The Nuru massage gel is a combination of botanical extracts and nori seaweed extract. It is highly healthy, moisturizing, odorless, tasteless, colorless, and doesn’t strain anything.


People often ask “What is Nuru massage”? It’s an effective way to reduce stress and calm the mind. Through this article, our primary aim is to serve a piece of detailed information about “Nuru massage.”