Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Moplsjs Leaked baby twitter video link which is viral here

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The twitter username moplsjs posted a controversial video which viral and leaked now and people are asking for it’s link.

Link of Moplsjs leaked Twitter Video

moplsjs twitter leaked video link

The account of username moplsjs posted keep going videos on 2nd september which are viral now. The video got 76.3K likes and 546 retweets. The moplsjs is one of the randon twitter user who tried to post controversial videos but got suspended after his recent viral video. Some of the twitter user started trend of this username and that got attention of many other user. Now, when lot of people are searching and trying to get that video on moplsjs twitter id. it’s not available and deleted by Twitter team. One can see the account is suspended message.

The leaked video is here

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