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Why Liz Harris Arrested ? Know about her Age Husband, Wiki, Bio

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Liz Harris is currently trending due to her arrest news. But, Is Liz Harris really arrested ? What could be the reason to arrest her ? The article will further talk about Liz Harris Age, Bio, Wiki, Husband.

Who is Liz Harris ?

liz harris arrested wikipedia age biography

Liz Harris is an American Activist and Politician. Liz is Trump supporter and politician from Republican Party. She was the election representative at District 17 to the Arizona House of Representative. People actually came to know about her when the news about Liz Harist arrested started floating around.

Liz is actually a Real-Estate agent from where she make her passive source of income apart from being activist. Apart from United States, she is also working in other countries as a real estate agent. In Jan 2018, Harris became the President of Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors at Server.

Liz is also working as a designated broker in Liz Harris Realty, LLC. In this firm, she helps buyers to get properties which sellers have listed to sell. She try to fullfill all needs of both buyers and sellers.

Liz also worked as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the United Industries somewhere between 1999 to 2000.

She lost in the general election which was held on November 3, 2020.

Is Liz Harris Arrested ?

The short answer in NO. Liz Harris is not arrested. This news came to Internet from some unauthentic sources and many people started taking it seriously.

Liz Harris is still running a campaign of stealing election votes of Donald Trump. Due to her this approach againt President Joe Biden, many people believed the news as a true that officials must have arrest her for spreading unauthenticate news.

A Youtube video from the channel name Sweet Home Maricopa came on Internet which cleared this controversy. In this video, the person mentioned that Liz Harris is not arrested.

Liz Harris Age and Wikipedia

Liz Harris has not revealed her age publicly but we can estimate that she must be between 45 – 50 years of age. Also, Liz didn’t provide anything more about her early life and personal life. Many people are getting diificult top finf Liz Harris wikipedia page because, yet, the information is not available there too.

Some information which we could gather for you from Internet is, Liz completed her graduation from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in 1993. Further, she pursue her Master degree from Pace University Lubin School of Business in 1977.

Liz Harris Husband and Personal Life

Liz Harris got married to Chris in 2004. Her husband and she happily leaving their marital life from last seventeen years. This duo has 3 kids named Avery, Abigail and Harrision.

Liz Harris is currently leaving in Chandler, Arizona along with her family. Harris don’t like to be in media. So, she prefer her life away from cameras and attention.

Is Liz Harris on any Social Media ?

Liz Harris is active on Facebook and she has Facebook page with ID @VoteLizHarris2020. More than 8K people followed her on her page. She is also active on Twitter.


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