Egyptian Yellow Cat dancing original video link

The video which is going viral on the Internet of Egyptian Yellow Cat dancing is trending and many people want it’s the original link. The reason behind the viral of the video is its explicit content. The link of the video will be mentioned in article.

Who is that Egyptian Yellow Cat Dancing in video?

egyptian yellow cat dancing video original link

The original name of the Egyptian Yellow Cat dancing in the video is ‘Ankha’. The name of the viral video is Ankha Zone. Because the video is created by an artist named Zone. Artist Zone currently has 188K followers on Twitter, 83K on Twitch, and 531K subscribers on Youtube.

Ankha is one of the animated characters from the game Animal Crossing. She is cat villager from Animal Crossing Series. She was seen in City Folk and New Leaf. She was also seen as Islander in Animal Forest+Animal Crossing, and in Animal Forest e+. The Egyptian word ‘Ankh’ is the origin of the character’s name Ankha. Word Anka comes from the hieroglyphic character that reads “life.

Ankha also has a Japanese meaning. The meaning of Ankha in Japanese is “Nile”. Nile is the African river where many Egyptians settled. Her german name is “Kleo” which is a short name of “Kleopatra which is the name of an Egyptian queen. Character Ankha loves cherries but is allergic to apple.

Ankha has shiny yellow fur with navy blue stripes where she wears Egyptian-like navy eyeliner. Ankha initially gets in a Pink Aloha Shirt whereas she was seen an islander, in City Folk and New Leaf, she wears the Mummy Shirt, and in New Horizons, she wears the Palatial Tank Costume. She wears an Egyptian headdress that is similar to the Nemes crown with a cobra known as the “Uraeus”, which symbolized kingship in historic Egypt. In City Folk, Ankha’s headdress comprises a scarab attraction rather than a cobra figurine.

The video start with message, “This is an homage to an Ankha animation by Minus8”. Further, it has conversation between Ankha and Yeh.

Ankha : “You came, didn’t you? I won’t be angry, just tell me the truth”

Yeh : “I am, not a furry…”

Ankha : “Peasant, I’m not eevn close to finish yet…So, neither are you, peasant.

Yeh : Yes queen, you’re literally a cat.

-End of Conversation-

The video starts where at Ankha having danced in a compromising position. The video link of Ankha Zone is below here but it is censored because of Youtube policy.

Uncensored Original Video is below here

The Uncensored Video link is here.

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