What is the Price of MDMA, Charas, and Cocaine in India

NCB is raiding popular celebrities in India and a lot of illegal drugs like Charas, MDMA, and cocaine have been seized from them. But, a lot of other people are not aware of the price of this MDMA, Charas, and Cocaine drug in India. Many rich and upper-class society people used to consume these drugs. But, currently, a lot of middle-class youngsters also consuming these drugs under the influence of high society people. So, The article will give an idea about these drugs.

What is MDMA drug and its price in India?

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MDMA in its original state is a crystalline powder. But, it’s processed and then gets sold as a pill which is called Ecstasy. The price of MDMA is around 3000 rupees per gram in India. But, prices changes depending on different factors like high demand, police raid. Price also varies as peddlers sometimes stock these drugs and trade them according to their price. But still, MDMA is one of the most affordable drugs for middle-class youngsters. It is mixed with drinks or swallowed as a pill (Ecstasy).

What is Charas drug and its price in India?

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Charas is made from the live cannabis plant and a lot of Himalayan monks and devotees also consume it in the name of Lord Shiva. Charas is also used for medical purposes to make medicine-related anxiety, headache, and some other things. The only good way to consume charas is through smoking it by making paper roll or using some pipe kind of things. The estimated price of Charas in India is Rs 3 Lakhs per Kg. But, many people grow crops of charas illegally at their home and also sell it for cheap prices to local people. So, prices could also vary.

What is a Cocaine drug and its price in India?

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Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drug and it’s hard to become free from it once someone starts consuming it. Cocaine word means a drug in the form of powder or crystalline form. The powder is usually mixed with substances such as corn starch, talcum powder, and/or sugar or other drugs such as procaine (a local anesthetic) or amphetamines. Its base is extracted from coca leaves. It was originally started as a painkiller but is now one of the billion-dollar drug industries. Legally it is used for medical purposes and illegally people consume it through the nose. The price of cocaine in India is around 4500 rupees per gram. But, still, prices vary as peddlers trade it according to demand and supply in market.

Hopefully, the article has given you an idea about the price of MDMA, Cocaine, and Charas in India. These all drugs are not legal in India. The prices also depend on various circumstances. Sometimes prices reach sky high due to high demand and low supply too.