Ranveer Singh to build one of the Biggest School in Mumbai ‘s 40-acre area

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh planning to build one of the biggest high-class school in Mumbai in a 40-acre area in partnership with some Pune man.

How is Ranveer Singh building Maharashtra’s biggest school in Mumbai?

ranveer singh virar mumbai biggest school 40 acre

The school will be built in Mumbai’s Virar city. The land acquired to build this school will be of a 40-acre area. Ranveer Singh is not building this school alone. It will be built in partnership with some bigshot personality (bigshot personality mean a person who is well-reputed and has a connection with big personalities like a politician, builders, businessmen) from Pune. The person’s name with whom he will partner his school project is not known. But most likely he has a connection with Maharashtra’s powerful politicians and businessmen. He already worked on projects like building commercial malls and theatres etc. Now, he will work with Ranveer Singh to make a new large school in Virar, Mumbai.

This school is said to be one of the biggest schools in Maharashtra state. Fees would be quite high due to luxurious facilities and high quality of education. The school will be completely built for a commercial purpose.

Lot more details is yet to disclose and not known.