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Banks will have Holiday on 19th & 20th October in Odisha due to Eid and Gajalaxmi Puja

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Official news from Odisha State Government states that all Banks and Banking Institutes of Odisha will remain closed on 19th October and 20th October. The reason behind these bank holidays is due to the special occasion of Eid-Milad and Gajalaxmi Puja on 19th and 20th October respectively.

Eid-Milad is also known as Eid-e-Milad is one of the holy occasions for Muslims where they celebrate it by wearing new clothes, offering prayers, and offering gifts to loved ones. Muslims wake up early and get crowded at one place to offer general prayers followed by a procession. Kids narrate the story of Prophet Mohammad from the Holy Quran.

bank close holida odisha 19 20 october
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On other hand, Gajalaxmi Puja which is on 20th October in Odisha is about worshipping goddess Laxmi. Along with that, Sun and Moon also get worshipped on this day. This day has more significance in state Odisha. This festival is also popular for its significance on unmarried boys and girls. Especially girls keep fast on this day and spend their day in following some rituals along with singing, dancing on traditional songs. At the day end, they break their fast after worshipping the Lunar deity.

Keeping both Muslims and Hindus special festivals in mind, Odisha State Government announced bank holidays on 19th and 20th October. So, Bank will remain close in Odida on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

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