Is Down and not working? How to Fix it?

Currently, thousands of users faced the issue where their not working and thought it went down. Some countered with 403 error Forbidden and some of them are not able to see Card Screen. Here is what you can do about this error.

Why Is down and not working?

Users countered with several errors. Here are those errors

1 .HTTP : 403 error on down not working 403 error

The website uses different names for this same 403 errors like Error 403, 403 Prohibited, Forbidden, HTTP 403, HTTP Error 403- Prohibited. This error restricts you to visit a site.

As a solution to this error, you should know that this error might be for a temporary time period. For some of the users in, this error gets solved as they refresh the page. The most, unlike thing, is that the user goes to the wrong web address and that’s why he/she gets to counter with this error.

Some of us log into the pages and forget to log out of the same one. This might be the reason for thisĀ Error 403. Because, some of these pages have restricted time sessions, and log out your account automatically after the restricted time. In this case, you need to log in to the page again for the content.

2. Card Screen not working and unable to load amount in your wallet

Most of the users wrote to’s official Twitter page about the error where they are unable to use their card balance and the card is showing 0 balance. responded with a message that “Hello! We are aware users are not seeing their card screen being updated. However, your card will work fine with merchants and you will still be able to load your card and fiat wallets. Our team is working to resolve this with the highest priority. Thank you for your patience.”

3. Not able to load holdings & it’s showing 0 balance

Users are also not able to see their own holding in different cryptocurrencies as the page is not loading itself. Even after refreshing, it’s showing 0$ as a total investment.

Poor Internet connection or not updating app might be the reason for this error.

4. Error P015-A on

price quotation error P015-A

Users get to counter this error while buying cryptos. The error on shows ‘An error occurred during price quotation (Error P015-A). Please try again.’

As a solution, this error occurs due to some bugs in an application. Try updating the app to the latest version to see if this fixes the issue. Also, ensure you have a strong internet connection on your device. Toggle between WiFi and mobile data and give it another go. Sometimes it fixes automatically.

Summary to solve errors on when it goes down and stop working

  • App stops working when it’s under maintainence. So, check if there is any maintainence break on
  • Try to update your app .
  • Check if you have good internet connection.
  • Sometimes exchanges are not able to handle lot of transactions, so server get down and slow. In this case, you have to wait till they ( fix it from their side

These are all the possible reasons and solutions whenever not working and the server get down.