Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Ashley Biden was molested and had an inappropriate shower with Father, quotes Stolen Diary

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FBI is in search of Ashley Biden ‘s personal diary that was stolen during the 2020 Election. Ashley Biden ‘s diary had some real shocking confesses written on it. And, it says that Ashley Biden likely got molested in her childhood as she had an inappropriate shower with her father.

“Inappropriate Shower with Father” written in Ashley Biden ‘s Diary

ashley biden inappropriate father dad molested shower

One of the pages which are viral on the Internet is the above one. The controversial confession starts as, ” Was I molested ?. I think so – I can’t remember specifies but I do remember trauma – I remember not liking the woolzacks house; I remember somewhat being s*xualized with caroline; I remember having s*x with friends @ young age; Showers with my dad (probably not appropriate)”

The quote itself clears that the writer narrates her s*xual experience where she feels like she was molested also.

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Controversy over “inappropriate showers with dad” statement

The photo of the text in diary format is getting viral over the Internet. One side has to say that this is a real photo of the leaked Ashley Biden ‘s diary and she was s*xually molested in her childhood by her father.

The other side says that the photo is edited and not a true one.

FBI confirmed the Legitimacy of Asley Biden’s Stolen Diary as a real. So, this viral page from her diary is now making more controversies.

FBI Probing Project Veritas Links to Biden Daughter’s Stolen Diary

The FBI has raided two areas in New York linked to the conservative Mission Veritas group and its chief, James O’Keefe, as a part of a probe into the theft of a diary belonging to President Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, in the course of the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. In accordance with the New York Occasions’ sources, the search warrants have been executed Thursday at one location on East twenty fifth Road in Manhattan and one other in Mamaroneck, each linked to individuals who have labored with Mission Veritas.

Dozens of handwritten pages from Ashley Biden’s journal have been revealed on October 24, 2020 by a right-wing web site beneath the byline of Patrick Howley, a reporter who has on a minimum of two events been the primary to disclose politically damaging details about Democratic politicians. The posting claimed the diary had been obtained from a whistleblower at a media group. The revealed diary pages have been principally ignored by each mainstream and right-wing media on the time.


  1. Got to love this ‘family values’ group. They’re searching for anything to lessen their dirt. Showers with her father. How old was she? 3? What kid hasn’t showered with a parent until they realize they need to take showers on their own? Says nothing about touching or molesting her. This is the same group of imbeciles who planted seeds that John McCain had a black baby with a prostitute to lose the primary yet Megan is still in love with them. That black baby was the Dravidian daughter they adopted from India. How low can one go? I want to see these folks on their death beds begging to get into the heaven they seek or claim.

  2. This doesnt suprise me at all. There’s tons of videos out there of Biden smelling, kissing, grabbing underage girls. The media tries their hardest to ignore it because they’re Democrats aswell and don’t wanna ruin their reputation but it really shouldnt be ignored.


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