Did Hannah Daughtry have any kids?

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Hannah Daughtry, who is currently in the news for her death mystery, whether she has been shot dead or her suicide, is also famous for being a fantastic mother. We can say that her death was unexpected, and her family is in shock as well. 

Hannah Daughtry has out of nowhere died, and her progression father Chris has dropped his show visit. She was found dead in her Nashville loft. Nonetheless, there are no insights concerning how she died. It is stunning to everybody that she died at the young age of 25 years of age.

The current article is all about Hannah Daughtry kids and family, and we will be providing our readers with the most recent and updated authentic information about Hannah Daughtry.

Hannah Daughtry kids and family

Hannah Daughtry is supposed to have a kids. There is an image of a young child lady on her IG handle. She has delightfully subtitled it, saying that she appreciates every individual who has upheld her, particularly her mom.

Hannah Daughtry kids

 A recognition paid for her in an assertion said that she is a mother to Liam and Lily. The photograph of two kids can be found in her IG profile.

She is the progression girl of Chris Daughtry. She was born from a past relationship with Deanne Daughtry.

In 2018, her natural dad ended it all. Besides, it was said that she was shot in the face around October last year. She additionally set up a GoFundMe page to pay for her clinical costs.

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Hannah Daughtry profession 

She was functioning as an independent make-up craftsman. Her unexpected destruction has broken numerous hearts, and individuals are grieving her demise on the web.

  Hannah Daughtry’s better half isn’t known to the general population yet. It appears she is seeing someone we can’t affirm whether or not it is her better half.

Hannah Daughtry social media accounts

She has not shown up on media much before also. Indeed, even in her IG profile, she has not posted any photographs with Chris or her mom.

Notwithstanding, a man can be found in her profile at times presenting with her little girl. We can’t affirm their relationship yet.

Hannah Daughtry has two youngsters named Lily and Liam. She is the progression girl of Chris Daughtry. She has a kin named Griffin, who was born on June 30, 1998.

Chris wedded her mom in 2001, and they brought forth two youngsters. Chris is the dad of four children.

Hannah Daughtry and her parents

Deanna Gautreau, who is the sibling of Hannah, was born on April 5, 1973; she is from a native of North Carolina like her husband, Chris Daughtry. Deanna’s and Hannah’s parents, Donna and Wayne Gotreau, had roots in Massachusetts and lived in North Carolina. Donna, a family of Hannah, has been living with Deanna and Chris in Nashville, Tennessee, since 2016.

Wayne died in late 2018 and is survived by his wife Donna, Deanna and her kids, Deanna’s siblings Erin Mcgill and Joshua, and their children.

Chris Daughtry, who is the father of Hannah Daughtry, an aspiring musician, had been dating Deanna, a licensed massage therapist older than him by six years, long before he’d come on American Idol in 2006. They married on November 11, 2000, when Chris was 20 years old and still had a head full of hair.

Chris went on to achieve overnight fame in American Idol season 5, where he also finished the fourth season. Before that, he and his father-in-law also used to work at Crown car dealerships in Greensboro.

Deanna Chris Also Has Two Children from a Previous Relationship

Chris and Deanna are the parents of Hannah, who also are parents to twin children, Adalynn Rose and Noah James, who were born on November 17, 2010. But Chris has also helped to raise Deanna’s two children from her previous relationship as well.

Hannah Price, born September 7, 1996, and Griffin, born June 30, 1998, is Deanna’s children from her previous relationships before Chris. When she married Chris, she had been raising them as a single mom.

Hannah went through a turbulent in 2018. Aside from losing her biological father, who committed suicide, she was shot in the face in October 2018. The official reports also say that the incident isn’t available. Still, according to the GoFundMe page, she set up for her medical expenses; she had to get a prosthetic eye and reconstructive surgery.

Chris and Deanna are also grandparents to Liam Christopher Daughtry, through Hannah or Griffin.

Hannah and her brother, Giffin, 23, are Deanna Daughtry’s children from a previous relationship. Daughtry and Deanna, who married in November 2000, are also parents to 10-year-old twins Adalynn Rose and Noah James. Just hours before her daughter’s death, Deanna posted a collage marking her and Daughtry’s 21st wedding anniversary. “I’m so proud of us all we have overcome together, all we have shared, and most of all how much we’ve grown,” Deanna wrote. On Friday, she posted the statement from Daughtry’s representative alongside an image of a candle. The official reports also say that the incident isn’t available. Still, according to the GoFundMe page, she set up for her medical expenses; she had to get a prosthetic eye and reconstructive surgery.

Hannah Daughtry’s Cause of death- A mystery about her shot dead

As per the recent news and the most havoc hot topic on the internet, Hannah Daughtry was found dead in her apartment on a recent Friday, November 12, 2021. As per the news, her family is shocked and devasted by her unexpected death; the mystery of her death is still a big question, whether it’s a suicide or a murder.

Her father had to cancel all his shows which were supposed to be on November 13 as well. As per the news, her band artist also stated that the band and the artist are sorry for the inconvenience, and the further updates for the shows will be later announced.


Being a good mother, Hannah was also a good and humble person. She was a freelance craft and make-up artist who used to live on her own. As she was not so much into the social media account, we are unfortunately not able to deliver much about her. The current article is focused on Hannah Daughtry kids and her family. They married on November 11, 2000, when Chris was 20 years old and still had a head full of hair.

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