Why is rapper Kay Flock Arrested? Here is what you should know

The rumors are in the air Kay Flock getting arrested are viral on the internet. Here are details about what happened. 

Kay Flock is a famous music artist. His renowned album named “Brotherly Love” got attention in the town. It made his name flourish among more people. 

Now, rumors are going on that he has been arrested. The current article is all about Kay Flock’s charge and the famous YouTube video of his arrest.

Kay Flock ‘s Real Name: Who Is the Trending Rapper on Reddit?

kay flock arrested

Kay Flock, whose real name is Kay Roy, is an American rapper born on October 1, 1992, in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The Rapper became a trending topic after a user on credit named pete1397 posted that the Rapper had been arrested. The Rapper refers to himself as the “King of Bronx” and is a rap group Thraxxx.

Flock has also performed with artists such as Freakshow, Lizzle, and Boogie Snow. He appears to be a famous artist with 322k Instagram followers. Kay Flock’s ag is now 28 years old, and she is a vibrant young artist. The Rapper was born on October 1, 1992, and celebrates his birthday every year. Kay was also born and raised in the Maryland town of Upper Marlboro.

Is Kay Flock Arrested?

Yes, It is true that Kay Flock was arrested on the 13th of November. Police arrested him for possesions of guns and weapons which were found in his shoes. He was using those guns and weapons as a prop for his video song. But, eventually, police caught him and arrested him.

In his Instagram story, he said that he get caught for anything he does. We do not know what it means, but it seems even though he was arrested, he was already discharged after some hour of interrogation. 

There are no details about it yet. The Rapper has not provided any details yet. However, since he was available on his social media handle, we think he is no more in custody now. 

However, one Youtube video claimed that he had been arrested. Viewers cannot see his face but the hoodie he had been wearing matches the color of the one that the Rapper was wearing.

Though there has been no authentic confirmation about it yet, the artist was surrounded by these arrest-related issues previously as well.  

He and another rapper named Ron Suno were involved in a fight in late October this year. Ron Suno also shared the footage of Flock hitting him. The post is, however, not available anymore. 

A source shared the news about two of them fighting during a festival. 

Explore Kay Flock Nationality

Kay Flock belongs to American nationality. He was born on October 1, 1992, in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. However, he calls himself a King of Bronx. 

He is a member of a rap group called Thraxxx, and He performs with other artists like Lizzle, Freakshow, and Boogie Snow. He is a prominent artist who has massive 321 followers on Instagram. 

Know Kay Flock Real Name- Who Is His Mom And Cousin

Kay Flock’s real name is Kay Roy. There are no more such details about his mom on the internet. However, his cousin is said to be Rapper Dang.

Earlier this year, Kay released a diss track mentioning the Rapper, and after hearing the way, Dthang responded that he would see his auntie, Kay’s mom. Many people said that he was threatening her.  

Rapper Kay Flock Arrested With Gun Charges and His Girlfriend Reaction On Instagram

Rapper Kay Flock reportedly was got arrested by the New York City Police. Here’s everything to know about him and his recent arrest. 

Kay Flock, best known for his rap songs, was allegedly arrested in New York City. According to the recent rumors that are getting viral on the internet, the Rapper was arrested for possessing a firearm. 

 There is also a Youtube video that says that the Rapper has got arrested. The person’s face is not seen clearly, but he is wearing a similar hoodie the Rapper is wearing. There has not been any count on official confirmation of his arrest yet. 

Kay Flock’s arrest rumours have been surfacing on the various internet platforms for the last few hours.  

This is the first time that such rumours have made their way on social media. It all started from a YouTube video when a man dressed like Kay Flock admitted that he was arrested. 

  Similarly, the Kay Flock Rapper’s Instagram story said that he gets caught for anything he does. That’s why the rumours about him have been stacking up on the internet recently. We will update our content with more detail as soon as possible. 

Kay Flock Charges: Is He in Jail?

 Kay Flock was arrested and was in jail for an hour till Interrogation. After some hours, police discharged him from jail.

According to anonymous reports on social media, the Rapper was caught in possession of a firearm. And New York City gun laws are stringent, which might be the reason he got arrested. 

But there is not such a counted and trusted source to confirm this information yet.  

Kay Flock Reddit And Twitter Drama- another havoc

Following the rumours of Kay Flock arrest, Kay Flock has been trending on Reddit and Twitter. 

Social media users have gone crazy about his alleged arrest. A lot of his fans and followers are already urging for his freedom. We are in search and still trying to get behind the alleged incident with some accurate pieces of information. 

Kay Flock Age: Meet Him On Instagram account

 I can see the curiosity of people about Kay flock Age, so let’s us reveal it. Kay Flock, a musician, is currently just 18 years of age youth at the moment. His most searched birthday remains under review for the time being. 

Recently, Kay Flock has had an Instagram and YouTube presence. The Rapper has already amassed more than 520k followers on his Insta profile. He has made just 57 posts until now. 


Summing up in the end, we cannot say it is a sure way that whether the news about Kay Flock being arrested is fake or a truth due to not single official coverage. As per a few sources and YouTube videos, it seems true. The Rapper became a trending topic after a user on credit named pete1397 posted that the Rapper had been arrested. The Rapper refers to himself as the “King of Bronx” and is a rap group Thraxxx.

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