The Rice Purity Test

Have you guys ever thought of any of the tests which rely on the person’s innocence level of his sin and good deeds? If not, then the article is for you. The report is all about the most searched test in recent times about the Rice purity test. The article also provides several information about the ranking and scale for the rice purity test, other such different tests, and many more.

What is the Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test is a one-hundred-question survey that assesses a person’s level of innocence in the domain of worldly vices, with a score of 100 being the purest and 0 being the most miniature pure. It includes risqué questions on s*x, drugs, crime, deceit, and other activities considered non-virtuous. Individual answers the questions, simply having to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each question.

The survey originated in Rice University, Houston, Texas, in 1924 to gauge students’ level of maturity and to help them bond with each other. The Rice Purity Test has undergone several refinements over the years to reach its modern form. It has long since found life online and is a popular way of having some fun with friends.

What Does Rice Purity Score Mean?

Every website or online portal has its method of calculating the rice purity score. However, it’s mainly calculated on a scale of 0 to 100, 100 being the most innocent person—and 0 being the most wicked ones.

Absolute Purity

the rice purity test score

People or users who get the highest scores are the pure ones. Usually, a score of more than 50 counts means you are not as immoral as you thought. But scores or counts more than 80 are the real morally uncorrupted people.

A bit of Naughtiness

Scores or counts between 30 to 50 counts indicate that you’re a little bit evil. While you might not be that ruthless person, you will still be able to know what is immoral feels like.

Having an Active Evil Within

the rice puritry test score

If the score of any person is less than 20, one has to do some terrible things. Most adult people who had a social life would score less or low than that. But it’s not usual for a teenager or a young person to get such a high grade. So, tone it down, guys.

The score is between 0 and 100 – the higher the score, the more ‘pure’ you are.

100 to 98You are as pure as gold. Very few people fall into this band.
97 to 94You are quite pure. Perhaps you have kissed or held hands with someone.
93 to 77You are averagely pure. You have probably engaged in french kissing or have gone down on someone.
76 to 45Your purity is tainted. You have had numerous experiences of intimacy, drugs, and/or troubles with the law.
44 to 9Your purity is very tainted. You have probably consumed hardcore drugs, been to jail, and/or had intimate in public.
8 to 0You are as corrupt as they come. You have engaged in pretty wild acts, including paying for – or being paid for – s*x.

Why Do You Call It “Rice” Test? 

Actually, in a literal way, some must be thinking that it is a test for rice to test its purity. But it’s not true.

It’s not the rice you must be thinking of. The name of the test is by the well-known person, William Marsh Rice. Mr. Rice was the person behind the Rice Institution in Houston, which is in TX. However, he is not known as the inventor of the test. According to several sources, the first purity quiz of the test was generated in his university long after his death. So, the actual name of the test is after the university—and not Mr. William Marsh.

The Story Behind the Innocence Quiz in the History

Most experts do believe that RU students invented the innocence quizzes as we know them now. They also generated the Rice Purity Test back in 1924. The main point behind the test was to determine which students have had a naughtier campus life.

However, the questionnaire was also famous for the test. The questionnaire was also published in several schools, colleges, universities, and newspapers. Since there was not much internet in the past, the questions in the current time are pretty hard to find. However, the test also stood the test of time and became viral in 2020 and 2021.

Some of the sources also say that the world’s first purity test was invented in the 1980s. The authorities also provide that they believe that MIT students made an MIT Test-like questionary to assess others’ goodness.

How does the Rice Purity Test Go Viral on various internet platforms?

Users of the social media platform Twitter recently made the Rice purity test go viral again on various internet platforms. According to the sources, users of different social media platforms share their purity scores more than ever.

However, the quiz and questions were also surfaced on the internet back in the 2000s. According to sources, that was the first time someone put the questions on any of the websites. A spark, a matchmaking site, was the initial online home and a platform for this type of question. It is also continued to get passed on ever since to the recent times.

In recent years, other websites such as Quiz Expo and Rice Purity modernized the classic test for the same. While some of the websites also kept the questions the same, they added a 2020-vibe to them. And that’s another reason why the idea for the test went viral again.

Is There Any Other Kind of other Purity Quiz or purity test?

You all must be delighted to know that there are several purity tests as well. The users can find all sorts of purity quizzes and tests on the internet. ICYMI, there’s also a social media TikTok purity test out there! However, the most popular ones are:

  • Drinking Purity Tests: The drinking purity test contains 20-100 questions about drinking liquor or alcohol and possible drinking issues. At the end of the trial, one also gets to determine whether you’re a pure alcohol-free person or a drunken person.
  • Virginity Purity Tests: As the test title suggests, these quizzes and tests tell you how virgin you are. One needs to answer several questions about their physical relations, drinking alcohol, and romance as well. The answers of the test reveal the virginity pureness of an individual.
  • Women Purity Tests: This purity test is the same as the virginity quizzes and questions. Most societies and social workers believe that adult activities reduce the purity of a lady. So, such questionaries and tests aim to realize how much do you know about physical intimacy.
  • High-School Purity Tests: These quizzes and questions are popular among teenagers, especially for high school children. The questions of the test are a bit naughtier than most other tests. The test provides a vibes more about attraction and infatuation. However, a teenager needs to secure the connection to UrbanDictionary to figure out what the questions mean. That’s because such quizzes and tests are full of teenager-terms.

The Point of Taking into consideration the Purity Test of Rice

 Honestly, there’s no real point. It’s a questionary to have fun. However, people use it for various purposes. (See below).

  • To know how naughty or disobedient you are?

Don’t you wonder who immoral or disobedient you are? Do others believe that you’re a polite and kind person while you don’t think so? Well, take the Rice Purity Test today and prove yourself.

  • Show off-is it for real?

Do you show off for your weird and immoral experiences in life? Do you believe in being more proud of being a bad boy or a girl? That’s okay; the rice test can reveal how disoriented you are. It’s an excellent method to show off your impishness.

  • Joining Twitter trends and other social media 

Twitter and other social media users are sharing their scores and counts these days on various internet platforms. The Rice Purity Test, which we have elaborated well, is a trend right now. So, if you wish to join the movement and share your pureness with others, take the quiz and test right now. 

  • Remembering your spicey and dirty memories

Have you settled down? Have you stopped all those weird acts of teenagerhood? Well, that sounds too bit okay. But you would surely like to recall some of those memories? Don’t you want to look back on your past and smile at everything you have done as a teen or an adult? If yes, you need to take the Rice Purity Test as soon as possible you.

  • Messing with your friends and family members

Send the link to the test to your friends. Ask them to answer the quiz and share the results of the difficulty in your chat groups. It can be a more fun way to mess with your friends and cousins as well. You can also play a truth-or-dare, the most trendy game based on these questions. That could make things even more enjoyable.

Things to Know About the Rice Purity Test

The questions of the test: 

  • One needs to take the original Purity Test from the authentic 1924. However, the questions are slightly different from the original. The reason behind this is the Quiz Expo team wants you to enjoy the whole game and test. There are almost 100 queries on the list that you should answer with yes and no.

The answers to the test: 

  • The answers to the test are simple. All one needs to do is to say “Yes” or “No.” You need to be honest if you want the results to be more accurate as possible.

The results of the test

  • After answering all the 100 questions of the test, you get to see the test results. It’s a number on a scale between 0-100. The lower is the score, the less pure your mind and body are.

Final Words: 

Adding up the final words, the results of the rice test are not for shaming anyone.

Shaming is known as one of the hottest topics on the internet in recent days. Self-doubts and shame have ruined many such lives of a teenager. Celebrities and social media pheromones have also acted against it and stand for it as well. In recent times, more stars have been aware of the harmful effects of the rice purity test. So, now one needs to keep in mind that the Rice Purity Test is only meant to be fun. The rice purity test should not be for shame. “Purity” is now an old-fashioned idea in recent times. Do not feel ashamed of your rice purity test score.