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About is one of the very famous websites in the United States. We provide you with all the necessary information required to know more about the website. The website is known for its latest features and upgraded interface. The site has a unique user-friendly and attractive interface which has been an eye candy for the readers. The website avails different sections for the latest blogs and news as well.

It is also searched as or Simonparkes that belongs to Ashburn, Virginia, US websites in the United States. Apart from the most searched site for the news and updates, the site is also trusted by most of the population and rely on for the daily news and updates. 

The AS58182 Ltd. It is hosting, and the location of the server portal is Ashburn, Virginia, US. 

This is a news website is most recommended and known as one of the updated website that is famous for publishing News articles. But we saw that there is a heavy search for Simonparkes in the United States and the whole world. in a nutshell

Domain name 
Domain creation date 4th December 2014
Expiry date4th December 2021 and 
Registrar, Inc. 
Wen Host providerAS58182 Ltd. 
IP Address
Server Location Ashburn, Virginia, US 
Latitude and Longitude 39.0373,-77.4805
Popularly known asSimon 
Website TypeNews 
Alexa Ranking Globally 19433

Review about in a broad spectrum 

The date of registration of Simonparkes is 4th December 2014, and it will expire on 4th December 2021. The nameserver of this website is and 

Now let us speak about the traffic of the website ( The Global Alexa Ranking is Ashburn, Virginia, US’s IP. 

The server location portal is 39.0373,-77.4805, and is in the news category. The website also has several testimonials from the users as well. As it one of the most recommended, it is known and most renowned in the major population. 

About the popularity of the term

The term is popularly trending in the name of Simon For Simonparkes and most of the traffic for this website is driven through keywords only. 

Simon is one of the trending terms on Google, Bing, and other search engines. This implies that the portal has massive impressions through trending keywords for this website. 

The website works in such a way that it has gained a lot of organic and authentic traffic as well. The website has made his name in the most searched site for the news in a short period of time. The site is also known for its most user-friendly, unique and authentic articles. The article and blog post of the website are properly SEO friendly with high readability. The content has been tested and reviewed as unique and error-free.

A mass of people of the United States is keen to know about Simon 

How can you use or Simonparkes? 

As is the most trusted site for the news and latest updates lots of people wish to read the blogs and article from the same. For people who wish to read the latest articles and even get notified for the latest updates, needs to follow the easy steps which are listed below. This step makes your process to access the website easy and enjoyable.

Step 1- If you wish to access on your mobile or PC, you need to have a good internet browser like Google chrome. 

Step 2- Open your preferred browser and enter in the address bar. 

Step 3- Then press the enter key. 

Step 4- Having this, you can use your preferred website 

Step 5- As you have opened the portal, scroll the menu bar on the Simonparkes Top section. 

Get to know about Simon Park.

I feel delightful to introduce our readers to the owner of the His name is Simon Park who is a famous writer and a public speaker. Let us know him in a deeper way.

Simon Park is from America and British mainly. He is born and bought up by a single parent, his mother. 

When his father died, he was very young and his mother did not want to get married again. Renowned schools and colleges completed his education. 

As his mother died in a severe suspicious circumstance, he spoke to the public about him getting shattered in this condition. 

Simon Parker initially suffered a lot and started this website Simon to raise the voice of the people afraid of speaking in public. 

He is a great writer too. He is fond of traveling, writing articles about news, politics, and democratic topics. 

Apart of being a good writer- he is also a great public speaker. Simo Parks is an international writer and speaker concerned about connecting people to make a better place for conscious people to live. 

His website Simon 

The website belongs to Simon Parks that connects conscious people. It is for people who are interested to know the factors and facts happening around the world. As the website has been ranking for the most latest and updated post, he has gained a lot of fame in such a short time. For his blog post and article, the owner is known to be vert particular and precise.   

Those can visit the website and collect information and news from all around the world. As you get into this website, you will find innumerable options for browsing. 

His blogs 

The blogs of the has a unique flavor of information all around the world. The blogs of the website provide the readers with the latest trends, news and many more factual things. The site has never been reported for any of the fake news or rumors.

His blogs provide information about different things that happen worldwide in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. 

As you type Simon on google, you will reach into the website and get connected to innumerable other members of the Simon parks website. 

You can join the organization too as you click and fill-up the form providing the necessary information required about you. 

Also, you can donate to the organization and support them if you are not ready to join directly through PayPal, and you can connect through the provided email through their website. Also, you can visit the social media pages of Simon Parks and his Organization.    

Some products are available, like CBD oil and 5g shields, and other necessary things available. 

To get information, you can visit their official website too. 

Additional Information 

The traffic volume of is 3,551, with unique visitors daily. The page view of this website is 4,262, and the web value rate of this website is 78,110 USD. Every visitor gives 1.28 page views on average. 

The estimated Alexa’s traffic is at 1,736 all over the world. The most significant number of visitors happens to be from the United States .i.e. 1,09,879. 

The data center of has a data center located in the United States that reduces the visitor’s load and reduces the page load time. The data center of the website is Ltd. The is registered under.ORG top-level domain.            

When verified last for the last time, it was found that has an expired SSL certificate issued by Sectigo Limited that expired on 1st February 2020. 

About some of the blogs of Simon 

Simon provides excellent information on their website about the news and updates. As the site has been known for the most recent niche of trends and news, some of the blogs of the site are very famous too. That is the reason it has got a massive visitor of 3,551, and every one is unique. 

Let us talk about some of his blog’s most popular pages that includes the Uk police movement and the Durham report news, let’s get into top 3 most popular pages with some basic information about those pages- 

  1. Durham Report 

This news was published on 12th November 2021. 

This was about the Durham probe case and was covered straight from America’s newsroom. The news piece has got viewers of 99,902.   The news was soon on fire, and took no time to cover the information.  

The case was about Attorney General William Barr, who tapped the connection between U.S. Attorney John Durham and took the issue related to the Trump-Russia investigation. 

Durham is a long-time federal prosecutor with Connecticut and is known for leading organized crime and public corruption cases. 

  1. Igor Danchenko charged with lying to FBI 

The Russian Igor Danchenko was arrested, which was ordered for Durham to lie to FBI agents about the Steel Dossier that targeted Trump, and finally, some action was taken. The news was soon on fire, and took no time to cover the information.  

This piece of news, when published, got views of 68,960. This news bought storm on the internet.  

  1. UK Police movements 

The UK Police who were in charge of the case and were forced were posted to different locations. The UK police who have served in the metropolitan police force of London have now been posted to other areas of the country and have been called back to the country through the temporary assignment. 

Some of the military units were being bought to the capital for sharing barracks with military units. The video was posted on 10th November, and the video got views of 94,970. The news was soon on fire, and took no time to cover the information.  

Frequently asked questions

Question 1 – What is the date of the creation of 

Answer 1 – is a website that Simon Parker owns. He built a website for people to connect under one platform. The website allows a voice for like-minded people to join. The domain for the website got registered on December 4, 2012. The article and blog post of the website are properly SEO friendly with high readability. The content has been tested and reviewed as unique and error-free. All these things are the key of this website’s success.

Question 2 – When will expire? 

Answer 2 – As per the data available on the internet, will expire on December 4th, 2021. Then the website will need to renew its site. The website has relatively low page speed, and the load of the visitors has been managed accordingly. 

Question 3 – What are the nameservers of 

Answer 3 – The website has a top-level domain, and the nameserver of the website are and The domain is highly secured by a proper cdn and other security tools. 

Question 4 – Who is the registrar for the domain 

Answer 4 – The domain is registered at The registration is done from a high-level registration platform. As it’s name shows, I wasn’t a normal domain, there are possibility of using expired domain. Anyways, we don’t need to know that much details about the domain, did we?

The bottom line is the website that connects people who suffer from not socializing under one platform. The website provides news updates from all over the world that one can find easy to join.  We have come up with introducing you the most fantastic and innovative online portal- a website named which is a famous site for their latest news and updates.