Kade Reiman: Is Nebraska ‘s coach dead in hunting accident

The most recent news and updates are splashed on the internet about the Kade Reiman Accident, with various headlines like hunting Accident Nebraska and many more. The recent death of the famous football coach Kade Reiman has just shocked his fans and family. The main reason for the cause of death is still a mystery as well.

People are taken aback and shocked by the news. The news has also hit various social media platforms like Kade Reiman Nebraska Coach hunting Accident: Is he dead?

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Who is Kade Reiman? 

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Kade Reiman was a famous undergrad at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His mother recently disclosed that he died on 14 November 2021 for reasons unknown. 

Reportedly, and due to the various sources, we know that Kade Reiman was the coach at Auburn High School.

As his family stated, on 14 November 2021, Kade Reiman died. His mother, Deb Rivett Reiman, also broke the news via a Facebook post in which she noted a few lines with a picture of Kade Reiman. As per the resources, it is said that her mother still remembers the days when her son left for college in her teenage and her kids made a huddle as she silently lay in her bed. Additionally, her mother also wrote that the entire family was grieving the loss of the foundation of the core four. 

Kade Reiman began to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2016 as an elementary schooling major. With that, there is a high possibility that his age is somewhere between 20 and 30 years.

As for his working experience, he was the American Reads Mentor at Meadowlark Elementary School, where he worked for ten months beginning in August 2016.

Then in 2017, he began working at UNL Campus Rec. as an Itty-Bitty coach/sports club supervisor.

Hopefully, Kade’s soul rests in peace. Currently, his family hasn’t disclosed anything regarding the funeral.

Kade Reiman Death Cause – Was It An Accident?

Let us know the death of cause of Kade Reiman – Kade Reiman’s mother, Deb, did talk about the death of her son.

However, she didn’t disclose the cause of it. Nonetheless, White Castle did post a video about a hunting accident in Nebraska on YouTube. What’s interesting about the video is that the YouTuber mentioned Kade Reiman under the description. But, only with the name, it is pretty hard to discern anything. 

The video states that the incident occurred in Lancaster County, and a duo of a son and father were at the center of it. It further elaborated that the son, Gunnar Holte, accidentally shot himself during a hunting session. However, the incident dates back to 26 October 2020.

So the probability of Kade dying due to that same accident seems impossible. As for the reason why his name was under the description, it remains unknown.

Kade Reiman Family

Even after death, Kade Reiman continues to live through his family.

His parents are Kevin and Deb Rivett Reiman. The couple had been together for almost more than 22 years. They have eight children, three biological and five foster ones, besides Kade. They are Allyson, Madison, Weston, Dakota, Denise, Skylar, Riley, and Rianna.

Kade’s father is the former secondary principal of Auburn High School and the present superintendent of Weeping Water Public Schools. As for his mother, she works as an independent contractor.

Kade Reiman Nebraska Coach from hunting accident- facts and details to known

KAde Reiman, the famous Auburn Public school football coach, is in recent headlines and news as he is dead from a hunting accident. Many people thought it was an accident or maybe a rumor as well, but it is a fact. His mother itself has confirmed the reports about Kade Reiman Accident, and the official news came out from his Facebook post.

People do think that he is dead or not. As per the various sources, it is believed that KAde Reiman became the victim of a hunting accident and died due to multiple injuries related to the accident. As per the sources, his actual cause of death is not being updated as well. 

His family members are in shock and have posted some emotional content about the death of his most loved family member Kade Reiman.


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