Who is Young Dolph Bodyguard? Did he kill anyone?

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Has Young Dolph bodyguard killed anyone?

As per the authentic news, the three independent law enforcement sources confirmed to FOX13 that rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed in Memphis Wednesday afternoon.

Maurice Hill, the shop owner where the shooting really happened, Makeda’s Butter Cookies, told FOX13 channel his employees said Young Dolph, 36, walked into the store to buy cookies. Someone then also drove up and shot and killed him at the South Memphis bakery. As per the most interesting fact, the blame and suspicion is on the Young Dolph bodyguard.

What actually happened? Why is young Dolph bodyguard suspected as a killer? Was it so controversial about the incidence?

Shortly before around 5 p.m., Memphis police had also released preliminary information about the shooting. Officers said the investigation points to Young Dolph being the victim, but they said the identification process had not been completed.

One suspect also holds what appears to be a semi-automatic rifle, as shown in the shooting. The other aims and objectives are a handgun into the bakery.

Memphis police also stated that the shooters pulled up in a white, two-door Mercedez Benz before running past Young Dolph’s car and shooting into the cookie shop.

Police also called the shooting “senseless” and also stated, “our hearts go out to the Thornton family and all who were affected by this horrific act of violence.” The release of the shooting closed by saying officers are committed to working to curb these types of incidents.

Back on the scene where the incident has happened, hundreds of people flocked to the area as headlines broke across the world. Tensions flared, and raw emotion spilled over. 

People lay on the ground, crying and in vague sadness. Some onlookers had also called for an end to gun violence and peace. Other people cursed and expressed anger at the loss of the Memphis icon. Chaos broke out at times at the scene. A car with a family inside, apparently shot, drove into the crime scene and the prime location. That man was taken away on a stretcher by paramedics.

For a couple of hours, police worked and investigated to push the crowd back from the prime location of the incident while trying to make sense of the tragic death. Airways Boulevard, a significant and crowded street in Memphis, was shut down during the course of the investigation.

The Memphis rapper legend was no stranger to the bakery and to the population as well. As per the news, a week before being shot to death, Young Dolph was there, spreading love and promoting the business.

Rapper Young Dolph shot and killed in Memphis- a piece of viral news, law enforcement sources confirm- a controversial murder mystery.

Young Dolph Bodyguard killed

The famous rapper Young Dolph camouflage Corvette sat in the bakery’s parking lot when the FOX13 crew has arrived. Some hours later, it was towed. Specific videos of the car went viral on TikTok as police took it. A massive bunch of thousands of people in the comments asking for answers.

As per the news, a day after Young Dolph was gunned down inside the bakery, a memorial popped up outside as fans paid tribute to the rapper.

On Thursday afternoon, stuffed animals, balloons, flowers, candles, and a dolphin sign hung around the cookie shop.

FOX13 also has spoken to people from as far away as Michigan who came to pay respects to the rapper.

Around approximately 3:30 p.m., a man was shot near the memorial, police said. The Memphis Police Department rushed to the prime location and said that the shooting happened at the Family Dollar right next door to the cookie shop.

Three people were also detained in connection to that shooting, according to police, and the man was not critically injured in the shooting.

Memorial for Young Dolph grows outside Memphis bakery- a prime location elaborated.

On Thursday, as Makeda’s Cookie’s- a famous bakery shop sat boarded up, the community of Memphis community rallied to support the local bakeshop, named after a seven year old girl who died due to severe and lethal cancer- Leukemia.

Tami Sawyer took to Twitter’s social media platform to support the business. CashApp donations and other foundations to the bakery can be made to the owner Pamela Hill directly at $cookiequeen99.

Renowned Memphis chef Kelly English also voiced and supported by saying that $1 from each dessert order he receives from Thursday to Sunday night will also go towards Makeda’s Cookies.

The famous rapper, whose real name is Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., is well known in the Memphis community.

Young Dolph began getting national as well as international attention in 2014 with the release of his mixtape “High-Class Street Music 4″ and the single “Preach.”

In 2016, he had also released his debut studio album, King of Memphis.

The rapper left behind hits such as “On the River,” his other hit “Cut It,” “Get Paid,” and “Major.”

Young Dolph is also well known for handing out several turkeys around Thanksgiving in Memphis through the Memphis Athletic Ministries charity, speaking to school children, and donating money to his former high school Hamilton High School.

Young Dolph was reportedly on his way to pass out turkeys on the Thursday immediately after stopping at the cookie store.

He also had planned and was about to pass out turkeys at St. James Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis this Friday between 2-5 p.m.

Shortly after the news broke like a fire, people took to Twitter to share what Young Dolph meant to them.

Coach Deion Sanders turned to faith on the same day of the tragedy.

Rapper Gucci Mane also said that his heart is broken by the news, calling Young Dolph a close friend.

As the news spread and as per the several headlines, reactions continued to pour in from around the nation, including artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Rick Ross, to local leaders such as Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and Congressman Steve Cohen.

The only available information about Young Dolph Bodyguard till yet.

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