Tito Ortiz girlfriend Amber Nichole Miller wikipedia, net worth and family

When a female actress has been tangled and named as someone’s girlfriend, society has a significant tendency to sneak out in her net worth as well. Today, we are into the case of Tito Ortiz girlfriend, named Amber Nichole Miller, a famous actress who has broken the records of most searched words on the various internet platforms as Amber Nichole Miller net worth. Let’s dig more into the content.

Amber Nichole Miller, Tito Ortiz’s girlfriend- Wiki, Bio

Amber Nichole Miller, known as Tito Ortiz’s girlfriend, was born in Colorado, USA, on 5th December 1977. Amber’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she also holds American nationality. She is a famous model but probably best known as the girlfriend of Tito Ortiz, an American mixed martial artist (MMA).

Amber Nichole Miller early life and education

Amber Nichole Miller was raised in Colorado by her father, a taxi driver, and her mother working at a local supermarket. She is a child but has always had many friends. She became interested in acting and modelling very early and began practicing acting while attending high school.

Upon enrolling, she moved to Las Vegas and focused on her modelling and acting career rather than college.

Tito Ortiz Girlfriend Career as a model and an actress

tito ortiz girlfriend amber nichole miller

When she was 18, she launched her modelling career at a hotel and casino called MGM Mirage Resorts in Las Vegas. She was also posing and appearing in their ads and commercials, and was soon noticed by many modelling scouts, and appeared on cover pages of popular magazines including “MAXIM,” “Muscle & Fitness,” and “Oxygen.”

She was then soon invited to work as an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) octagon girl. She was around the same time asked to pose for the “GQ” fashion magazine appearing on its cover page. A few years later, she appeared on the cover page of the magazine “DXL Magazine.

Amber Nichole Miller is also an actress, having launched her career at the age of five when she had a small role on Disney Channel. She had currently appeared in many UFC shows, including the “Lingerie Bowl,” while she hosted the TV show entitled the “Ultimate Women Challenge” in 2010.

She is currently well-known for starring in the TV series “WAGS LA,” which follows several Hollywood girls who are either wives, girlfriends, or sisters of favorite UFC fighters – she has been a member of the main cast since November 2017.

Amber Nichole Miller Appearance and net worth

Amber is 42 years old. She has long blonde hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, and weighs around 121lbs (55kgs). As of early 2020, Amber Nichole Miller net worth is over $2 million, while Tito’s net worth is reputedly over $15 million.

Amber Nichole Miller- love life and how it started as Tito Ortiz Girlfriend?

Amber Nichole met Tito Ortiz in November 2014 when she was a ring girl during one of his fights, and as per the reports, they two soon started dating. Tito already has a child with his first wife, while he also has twin boys from his last relationship with Jenna Jameson.

Tito has custody over all the three children, and Amber has been raising them as if they were her own for over five years now. Before Tito, Amber was in a relationship with a man whom she met in 1997 at the age of 20, and the two dated for over six years before splitting for unknown reasons. It’s believed that they were engaged and were planning on starting a life together.

Amber Nichole Miller Hobbies and other interests

Let’s come to the end of the content, which will reveal the most interesting fun facts and many other passions and corners of interest about the celebrity. We have aestheticized the hobbies of Amber Nichole from the most authentic sources as well. 

Amber’s main passion is traveling, and she has been all around the US to pose for famous brands, while she has also been to several European and Asian countries, such as France, Germany, China, and Japan.

She is physically very active and enthusiastic, as she has five to six training sessions at the gym each week, while she is also following a strict diet as this is important for both her health and her career as a model.

She is a crazy lover of animals and has a pet dog which can be seen featured in some of her pictures on Instagram. 


Coming up to the end part of the article, we have tried our best to sum up the whole content about Tito Ortiz girlfriend- Amber Nichole Miller, their love life, and many more. As per the most searched words about Amber is Amber Nichole Miller net worth, we have specifically included the information in our content.