Who is Dre Hughes ? Watch Facebook video, controversy where he abuses his wife

Dre Hughes’s Facebook video is trending because it contains a brutal and prolonged beating of his girlfriend on the live stream. The footage has been viewed nearly 15 million times in just over two days, showing how social media can be used for both good and evil.

About Dre Hughes Facebook Video controversy

Dre hughes Facebook video

The video seems to have either been filmed by Hughes or his girlfriend, as he can be heard discussing the assault with her. The attack is carried out on a woman who is beyond saving, as she lies there lifelessly, allowing herself to be beaten senseless by him. It’s not clear what led up to the incident but it could’ve been caused by jealousy, some form of insecurity, or all of the above. Dre Hughes on is also heard on Facebook live saying how he had no place to go and that if the police were to arrive he would kill himself.

Link to the Dre Hughes live are here : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2931849933794639&id=100009089826652

In the video, Dre Hughes is yelling at his girlfriend as she remains on her knees sobbing. He calls her a “bitch” and “ho”, demanding that she tell him why people say she’s a slut. The girl tries to answer, but he seems to ignore or not hear what she says because he attacks her again. 

Is the man responsible for this sickening crime? He goes by the name “Dre Hughes” – the same as one-half of your favorite rap duo from back when they were relevant. In any case, he managed to find himself at number 33 spot on google search rankings after people found out about him through various news sources that covered up what happened between these two lovers who had gotten into an ugly fight while broadcasting themselves via YouTube

It’s hard to believe that someone could be this mean and ugly, but it seems like Dre Hughes has found his match in his girlfriend. This video about their argument is going viral on the internet!

Some research for you guys because we need more sources, Dre Hughes’s Facebook page just doesn’t cut it anymore with all these new videos he posts every day…the one where Dre Hughes lets us listen in on what happened between them earlier today while she verbally abused him caught my attention right away because of how disgusting hearing her berate him made me feel; then there are those screenshots from Twitter accounts who say they know something not many people know about Dre Hughes: she’s cheating on him with this guy who goes by the name of “Chyna Brown” and they dye their hair in similar colors, even though this is just a small detail, I still think it proves that they probably do have some kind of involvement.

Not sure what this concludes from, but the video he posted says it all:

“This is a trip with her. This is my last resort for love for this girl who I want back, and she showed me no mercy.” – Dre Hughes

At around one hour into the “trip,” you can tell that his girlfriend had enough of his accusations that she had been cheating on him with Chyna Brown, and that’s when the fight ended up getting violent.

I’m not sure what exactly triggered this whole thing, but it seems like the stress of having to split time between her lover and Dre is getting to her: she’s constantly switching between one guy and another which is already enough stress for her but then she has to deal with Dre’s infidelity too.

Dre Hughes is really lucky that most of the violent part of this video was recorded, but only a few people actually saw the footage before it went viral on social media. This is one way how social media could be used to bring awareness about what’s happening in the world to light, other than having people make fun of it.

I don’t think I need to tell you guys what happened next; after Dre Hughes posted this video online on Facebook, he quickly became number one on Google search rankings because everyone wanted to see what his girlfriend did when she was provoked. Her picture came up around 11 or 12.

I’m not sure if this is the same girl he was dating or if someone took the time to create a fake account just to get his attention and get him back, but their Instagram profiles match and she has some rather tasteful pictures of herself on her profile that I assume were taken by him.