James Crumbley- Father of Ethan Crumbley wiki and story

Who is Ethan Crumbley’s parents? Who is James Crumbley? Why have they been in on a suspicious counter and been searched on higher counts on the internet? Reportedly, James and Jennifer Crumbley were the father and mother of Oxford shooting suspect Ethan.

What is the suspicious mystery about Ethan Crumbley father? Let us solve the mystery and have a tour of the article.

Teenager Ethan was arrested as a suspect in Tuesday’s shooting at an Oxford school in Michigan. According to the police statement, the pistol has been recovered. National news has been in news magazines.

Police confirmed that Ethan is an Oxford student and an active shooter. Three people between the ages of around 14 and 17 died. Among them are one man and two women. Dispatchers are investigating the matter carefully.

As per a recent update, News The victims who lost their lives in the shooting were 16-year-old Tate Myere, 14-year-old Hanna St. Julian, and 17-year-old Madison Baldwin. The victim’s family was heartbroken and was in a painful condition. Sources revealed that 15-year-old boy Ethan has refused to cooperate with the police and has sought a lawyer to look into his case.

Who are Ethan Crumbley Father James Crumbley- All you need to know

Ethan’s father is James Crumbley. For now, only his identity has been disclosed. Also, Ethan is a sophistication student At Oxford High School, north of Detroit, in Auckland. He is currently the most prime suspect in the Tuesday shooting at the school premises.

The arrest of shooter Ethan Crumbley at Oxford High School today.

It looks like there were all kinds of white supremacy crap on his social media pages; dad bought a gun four days ago. I am very disappointed, sad, and angry- stated by Ethan himself on various social media handles.

However, Ethan is now in custody, and his father and mother were visiting him at the police departments. We do not have much more information about his family and relative background, but he is of white descent and lives near the Oxford School area.

The Oxford, Michigan shooting video was uploaded to TikTok, and a user on Twitter shared the video. It has got 97.7k views so far. In the current video, a group of students is seen getting scared, and suddenly some students manage to escape from the window. The disturbing video has been circulated on Twitter and YouTube.

All about Jennifer Crumbley- 

Ethan Crumbley’s mother is Jennifer Crumbley, an active shooter.

Ethan was born to American parents, James- father, and Jennifer Crumbley mother. Further details of his parents are now questionable.

Police said the gun was fired several times in which dozens of students were injured, and some died.

Ethan has been arrested, and police have not released any charge details to the media.

The current social media tagline and captions- Allegedly, 15-year-old suspected white supremacist Ethan Crumble killed three students at Oxford High School in Michigan today. I hope the skeptical white supremacist community will tell us that Ethan Crumbley was dragging Kyle Rittenhouse and only defending himself

Twitter has reacted sharply to the video. We can see a lot of hate crime theories on Twitter. One user wrote, “Suspicious white supremacist community to let us know that Ethan Crumbley was dragging Kyle Rittenhouse and only defending himself.


To sum up the article, that is all we have for our readers and audience about the Jonathan Crumbley- Ethan Crumbley Father and Jennifer Crumbley- mother. As the whole story lies in the controversy, they have been counted as the most suspicious suspects. We have added and provided focused and most authentic information we can. Read the above article about James Crumbley- Ethan Crumbley father and the cover mystery about the family.