What is Sativa Transue death cause? Mexico hotel death mystery

The family says a Washington woman was found dead in a Mexico hotel room in an apparent homicide; investigation continues as per the official news and sources. What is Sativa Transue Death Cause?

U.S. Woman Found Dead in Mexico Hotel Room While on Vacation- a high mysterious death scene explained

A local family residing in Mexico is dealing with unimaginable grief after officials notified them in Mexico that their loved one was found deceased in her hotel room in Mexico a day before. According to official sources, it is also being categorized under a mysterious and most shocking death cause. The Sativa Transue death cause, a major controversial death in the Mexico hotel, has been viral in several news channels as well. The family says in the initial information also indicates she was the victim of a domestic violence homicide, but the investigation is still ongoing. The official authorities of the death mystery are working to get her body back to the United States, hoping for a second autopsy.

What is Sativa Transue death cause? Was it a planned murder?

Sativa transue death cause

Sativa Transue was originally from Spokane, living in Cheney for the majority of her life. The 28-year-old was currently residing in Milton, Washington, and told her family that she was heading on a trip for the Thanksgiving holiday. It has been very shocking for the family itself to realize and accept the sudden death of Sativa Transue.

Statements of Mykayla regarding Sativa Transue death cause-

“Her boyfriend wanted to head on for a vacation to Cancun, Mexico for Thanksgiving, so she went as well,” Mykayla said. “She loved. Mexico as well. She had been there before, as it was her favorite destination for a vacation. She texted me on Friday that the sun was nice and bright. And, I am so beyond grateful that she got to enjoy and lose it.”

But Mykayla also stated that loved ones quickly become concerned when something seemed off about Sativa during the trip.

“Her friends had also reached out to us with texts that Sativa sent just hours before she was found,” as Mykayla stated it.

Family members also said that the friends tried to connect with Sativa the next day. Worry quickly escalated to a major panic. They all had a gut feeling that something was wrong.

How her family and friends are involved in the Sativa Transue death cause?

Two of her friends in Mexico went to the Milton Police Department to ask and inquire about Sativa as well. The friends also then went to the FBI with everything Sativa told them that night. Getting all their feelings for Sativa, they really did a great job as well.

 Mykayla said that as soon as Washington authorities got word of what had happened, they immediately began trying to get Sativa’s family some answers.

Mykayla’s mom did get a call from the U.S. Consulate in Mexico at about 9:00 AM Saturday to say, unfortunately, Sativa had been found dead in her hotel room. “At this point, her friends weren’t sure what happened, but since then, her death has been ruled as a homicide. They actually won’t have an official cause of death until a family member gets down there to facilitate on our behalf. With Covid pandemic conditions and this being a crime in a foreign country, everything has been moving slowly.

KHQ has also been working to confirm the details of Sativa’s death. We’ve reached out to a local FBI spokesperson for confirmation about this situation, but they cannot comment right now. However, according to an article posted to “The Riviera Maya Times,” Sativa’s boyfriend is in the custody of Cancun police and remains jailed right now after his weekend arrest.

Mykayla also said their family is desperate to get Sativa’s remains transported back to the United States. Her family has gone for a second autopsy which has been revealed by the official sources as well. 

Sativa Transue second autopsy- Was it a murder?

The family members of Sativa are in the hope for justice for Davita. They are not satisfied with the autopsy reports, which are officially handed over to them by the authorities. They have gone for the second autopsy opinion as well. The death mystery is getting complex as well with this new turns in the story.

Mykayla and her other family members are recently planning a celebration of life for Sativa. They have also said the world is a much darker place without her in it.

Sativa has touched the hearts of everyone she met, which Mykayla says. Mykayla has also stated about Savita Transue that “She had such a beautiful smile and the most contagious laugh I’ve ever heard. She had the kindest heart, and she was so thoughtful; she put everyone before herself. Sativa made friends everywhere she went. She was the light in all of our lives. Sativa was the person I will always look up to. Our family will never be the same without her.”

The family does have a fundraising effort in place to get Sativa’s body back to Washington. They said any leftover donations would be given to local resources that advocate and help domestic violence victims.


Summing up the content about the Sativa Transue death cause, we can add a compiled content in the conclusion section. 

According to her family, the Washington woman has been found recently dead in a hotel room in Mexico while on vacation with her boyfriend.

Sativa Transue, 28 years old, from Milton, Washington, had been with her boyfriend in Cancun, in Mexico, for the Thanksgiving holiday when she died. Her sister, named Mykayla Bolieu, said she and others became concerned when a flurry of messages from Sativa was sent to their phones on Friday, just hours before her body was found. As further the investigations are going on, the exact reveal about the Sativa Transue death cause is still to be confirmed as well. Read the above content about Sativa Transue death cause.