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Cheyanne Vlismas and husband Jb Buys divorce. Why did she change her last name?

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Cheyanne Buys, a UFC Athlete specializing in Mixed Martial Arts, competes in her Strawweight UFC. Know about Cheyanne Vlismas and Buys Divorce Rumors In detail. Cheyanne buys divorce- is it a rumor? Why did Cheyanne buys changer her surname? Is the couple separating?

Cheyanne Vismas wiki

Cheyanne Vlismas was born on June 25, 1995, in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Belonging to a fairly who supported martial arts, she was enrolled in the training from a very little age of 3 years.

Transiting herself from karate to taekwondo at the age of 10, she was no more than 15 years old when she got into MMA. On the other hand, the UFC fighter has a history of being expelled from high school at 17 after a fight.

Likewise, her husband, JP Buys, is also a UFC fighter with whom she shares a family, life, and profession. Both the couples decided to do their UFC debut, a UFC Vegas 22.

When she was three years old, buys began training in karate and then transitioned to taekwondo when she was only approximately ten years old, later obtaining a black belt in the fighting sport. She also got into MMA at the age of fifteen. When she was only approximately seventeen years old, she got expelled from high school for fighting, and her family also decided to let her start training full-time. She also took her first amateur fight four days after her eighteenth birthday. She is married to a fellow UFC fighter named JP Buys.

Mixed martial arts career- Cheyanne Buys

The early career of Cheyanne Buys

In her massive MMA debut at LFA 35, she already faced Karla Hernandez. She defeated her via TKO in the third round, securing her first victory under the banner of Legacy Fighting Alliance in the process. Buys faced Helen Peralta at Invicta FC 29: Kaufman vs. Lehner, unanimous decision. Then in her only outing with EFC at EFC 74, Buys also defeated Poland’s Karolina Wojcik via split decision. She had also defeated Canadian Lindsey Garbatt at BTC 6 Night of Champions via unanimous decision.

In her second most appearance with Legacy Fighting Alliance at LFA 78, Cheyanne Buys faced Rebecca Adney and defeated her unanimously.

Buys was also invited to Dana White’s Contender Series 30 on August 25, in 2020, and faced Hilarie Rose. She has also won the bout via unanimous decision, getting a UFC contract in the process.

Ultimate Fighting Championship- Cheyanne Buys

Buys also were scheduled to face Kay Hansen on March 20, 2021, at UFC on ESPN: Brunson vs. Holland. However, Hansen did pull out due to undisclosed reasons and was replaced on March 12 by promotional newcomer Montserrat Ruiz. She lost the bout unanimously, getting kept in a headlock position for most of the episode.

Buys has also faced Gloria de Paula on July 31, in 2021, at UFC on ESPN: Hall vs. Strickland. She had also won the bout in the first round after head-kicking de Paula after getting up and finishing her with ground and pound. This fight also earned her the Performance of the Night award.

Buys was scheduled to face Loma Lookboonmee on November 20, 2021, at UFC Fight Night 198. However, Buys withdrew for undisclosed reasons, and Lupita Godinez replaced her.

Buys faced Mallory Martin, replacing Montserrat Ruiz, on December 4, 2021, at UFC on ESPN 31.  Buys won the fight via unanimous decision.

UFC| Did Cheyanne Vlismas And JP Buys Get A Divorce?

Cheyanne Vlismas and JP Buys’ divorce rumor spread all over the internet after JP lost his match, Montel Jackson, in UFC Vegas 37. People started creating memes about Cheyanne leaving JP for his loss. There had been a significant rumor that Cheyanne buys divorce, which is actually a piece of fake news.

It was difficult for the couple to handle the trolls unless Cheyanne fought back with her more vital words against all the memes. Cheyanne Vlismas stood by her husband at all times and ensured that she was never leaving him for his failure.

Cheyanne Vlismas Name Change

Cheyanne Vlismas changed her second name Vlismas to Buys after getting married to JP Buys. She is widely known as “The Warrior Princess” in her profession. 

Beginning to play martial arts games from an early age, the fighter has been named The Warrior Princess.

Who Is Cheyanne Vlismas Boyfriend?

Cheyanne Vlismas jp buys divorce last name change

Cheyanne Vlismas has been the forever girlfriend of her husband. She got married to her boyfriend, JP Buys, who she had known from her childhood. The couples have been moving together in their career as well.

The couple lives in Las Vegas. She is fond of pets, especially dogs and cats.

Cheyanne Vlismas Net Worth-

Cheyanne Vlismas’s net worth must be around $1-USD 5 million as 2021. She is involved in a profession that has no fixed income. The player gets paid for each fight.

Even the lowest-paid UFC fighter makes more than USD 2 million. But, she tells the media that she has been broke for her entire life because of this sport.


Cheyanne buys divorce, and the fake rumor has gone viral with a speed of a fire. The current article is about Cheyanne buying divorce phony news and stories and why she recently changed her surname. We have cleared that the rumor is fake about Cheyanne buying divorce news and elaborates a few preliminary information about her husband.

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